TOP mod GTA IV most worth installing

Mod GTA IV đáng cài

Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best versions of the series Street robbery GTA. And GTA IV It will be even more interesting when you install the mods below.

Mod GTA IV worth installing

Note: To use these mod GTA IV Below you will need the ASI Launcher and the Script Hook (which can be found in communities like LCPDFR or GTA Forums).

TOP mod GTA IV most worth installing

Shark gun mod in GTA IV

GTA 4 There are many types of weapons but still some fans complain that the number 15 is too small to choose. Modder JulioNIB certainly thinks so, creating a weird but the best weapon for GTA 4.

The Shark-o-Matic Gun mod is inspired by the Saints Row 3 weapon. This gun mod will spawn a giant shark through the concrete underneath marked victim to crush them.

Mod enhanced graphics for GTA IV

This is a mod that enhances the quality of graphics for GTA IV. It offers an impressive collection of graphics enhancements that make the game look as beautiful as today’s modern titles.

Mod to play GTA IV on low-end machines

Even though it’s released 13 years ago, some people still try to play GTA 4 on low-end devices. And this GTA 4 mod will help them.

To make GTA IV friendlier to a low-end PC, the Cody5699 modder disabled many unnecessary graphic elements and minimized some features such as lighting, effects, and vignetting.

Note, to change the FPS significantly, you need to sacrifice quite a lot of the fidelity of the graphics. However, this mod can make GTA IV run on any device.

Mod GTA 4 good

If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia to spice up GTA 4, then why not make a trip back to the heyday of San Andreas in 2008.

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Mod GTA IV: San Andreas of Blaster_nl will let you import maps, some vehicles, weapons and main characters in the classic GTA: San Andreas on PS2 on the IV’s RAGE engine.

Police mod for GTA IV

Described as an original police mod, LCPD First Response has fundamentally changed the gameplay completely. You do not play the criminal role, instead the city police Liberty.

The game also makes interactions between police and criminals more engaging by introducing a realistic arrest, identity, and reporting system. The police officers are also more active, interacting and arrested more often than in the main game.

Above are some mod GTA IV best rated. If you know any other options, please share with readers offline!

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