Assorted accessories that fit into guns in PUBG Mobile

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With the PUBG Mobile version, when the player loot the gun, the accessory will be “auto” inserted into the gun to save time. However, that does not mean that we just hang indiscriminately and innocently all kinds of guns and accessories together. If that was the case, it would reduce the performance of the gun because each accessory would serve a different purpose.

Therefore, in order to help you understand each type of accessory assembled on a gun, the Fun Game will list them in the summary below.

Hand holding a gun

Gun grip can be considered as the most popular accessory in PUBG Mobile because it reduces the recoil of the gun when shooting and supports more precise aiming. The following types of handles are available:

Half Grip: Reduced horizontal and vertical recoil and recoil time

Half Grip

Vertical Grip: Reduce vertical recoil, support more stable projectile

Vertical handle

Light Grip: Strongly increased recoil both vertically and horizontally, but recoil recovery time was reduced

Light Grip

Angled Grip (Angled Grip): Reduced vertical and horizontal recoil as well as scoped aiming time

The handle is tilted

Thumb Grip: Good horizontal recoil but with increased vertical recoil and recoil time

Thumb Grip


There are 3 categories included

  • Extended Mag: Increase ammo reserves depending on the type of gun
  • Quick change cartridges (Quck Draw): Reduced reload time
  • Extended QuickDraw: Combining the two advantages above means both increasing ammunition stock and reducing the time to change bullets (every gamer wants to own)


Gun tip / Compensated shutter

Divided into 3 main categories according to each gun line Sniper (Sniper), Machine gun (SMG) and Rifle (AR)



It is the silencer barrel of a gun that is responsible for hiding gun sparks, if sniper at a distance of 150m, the enemy will not be able to detect it.

Flash Hider

Flash Hider

Also known as the hidden spark barrel, the player can hide the fire from the gun while reducing the recoil slightly.



When mounted on the gun, it will reduce the recoil quite a lot and help the projectile to be more stable and accurate.



A special accessory, only for pistols (shotgun), is responsible for collecting bullets, increasing damage.

Below is a detailed table for the 3 types of mountable gun heads for each individual gun

The first detail of the barrel of the gun



There are quite a few options with just around the following 3 types

  • Bullet Loops: Increase reload speed on pistols or Kark98, Win94
  • Cheekpad: Minimize the recoil of the gun, making the shot more stable
  • Stock: Similar to Cheekpad, Stock also makes guns more stable, just mounted on different guns.


Is an indispensable accessory when using sniper rifles (Sniper) to assist the shot becomes easier and more accurate. Note is Reddot and Holographic only helps players focus more on the enemy, does not enlarge the image when sniping.

Below is a summary of scopes that are suitable for different types of guns

List of viewfinder types

With the information that Fun Game provides above, hopefully you will find out the right accessories for each gun as well as your playing style.

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