PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 17: All rewards leaked

PUBG Mobile ss 17 7 - Emergenceingame

PUBG Mobile Season 17 will come around mid-January 2020. However, many great rewards for PUBG Mobile season 17 have leaked.

PUBG Mobile season 17 will take place 8 weeks after PUBG Mobile season 16. So there are about 2 months left until the new PUBG season, but now the Royale Pass rewards of this season have been revealed.

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Royale Pass rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 17

M416 gun skin diamond level: This new PUBG Mobile game season gives players a fancy M416 gun skin with turquoise and green patches. It is beautiful and very eye-catching.

New gun skin in PUBG Mobile season 17

Skin though the galaxy: You will also get a galaxy umbrella skin at PUBG Mobile season 17. It’s available at level 10 or 20. This parachute skin blends the purple and black cosmic background with the glow of glittering stars.

Even in PUBG Mobile season 17

Galaxy Keyring Ornament: You can win this beautiful accessory at Royale Pass levels 1 through 10.

New accessories in PUBG Mobile season 17

Royale Pass costume for PUBG Mobile 17 season sports style, simple but “cool”.

New costumes in PUBG Mobile season 17
  • Gun skin Fighter AUG / M249: Another gun skin you can get in PUBG Mobile Season 17. It’s a Fighter AUG / M249 gun skin that is reddish-blue with a bit of yellow texture.
  • Special costume skin: Warrior theme pack is the big costume bonus in PUBG Mobile next season. It resembles the Ants’ armor but is red in color. You will gain it at Royale Pass level 100.
  • Snowman Alert grenade skin: PUBG Mobile Season 17 is likely to have a beautiful grenade skin in the Elite Pass. It has a snowman’s face and a red button-shaped nose. In addition, you can also see a snow effect when it explodes.
  • Skin turquoise pan: This beautiful and impressive gun skin is available at Elite Pass level 30.

Other bonus packages for PUBG Mobile Royale Pass season 17 but still unconfirmed:

Costume skin has not been confirmed

Besides, PUBG Mobile season 17 also has a new character and a new supercar skin for Dacia. Currently there is not much information about the new character. A lot of players are eager and hope the publisher will reveal that soon. Let update the latest information about PUBG Mobile season 17.

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