Why own Andrew in Free Fire?

Though not considered a great warrior, the power of Andrew in Free Fire still useful in many situations.

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Among the first cast of characters Free FireAndrew is often not seen as a useful fighter. However, do not ignore this character because Andrew’s power can save you in many matches. Here it is why you should own Andrew when playing Free Fire.

Andrew’s ability

Andrew's strength stats in Free Fire

As Free Fire introduced, Andrew is a cop. He is known for his passive ability called Armor Specialist, which reduces armor penetration damage by 2% at early level.

But this ratio can be increased, especially up to 12% at the top level because Andrew’s ability will peak when you use character fragments.

In many cases, his abilities also help a lot for both aggressive and passive players when fighting in Free Fire.

Supports Clash Squad

In short and intense matches that mainly include melee battles like Clash Squad, Andrew can gain a huge advantage for players thanks to his ability to increase armor endurance.

At the highest support level, Andrew can help you avoid a number of bullets, thereby increasing survivability.

Defense tactics in Free Fire

Works well with other characters

Andrew’s magic t-shirt can be a good addition to skill combos. For example, combined with DJ Alok’s lightning speed and healing, Hayato’s armor-piercing skill, and Laura’s sheer precision, the ultimate combo will offer unbeaten damage even in attacks. short-range and long-range public.

Best choice for defense tactics

Andrew will be a perfect suggestion for those who like to play defensively. Why? The answer is that his vest’s durability can be used as an effective bullet shield.

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Useful in close combat

Free Fire’s Andrew is a versatile character because even aggressive players can benefit in close-range battles thanks to the durability of armor. This feature helps players with lower HP losses than their enemies. So, they can gain an edge in the match.

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