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Minecraft is truly a phenomenon in the world gaming village with its innovative open gameplay. There, players can freely build their own world by moving, building, searching and gathering resources or fighting, …

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In the article below, EmergenceInGame would like to share the code in Minecraft so that you can easily conquer the challenges in the world of magic squares.

How to use commands in Minecraft

Step 1: Please activate the code mode in Minecraft by selecting the mode ON in Allow Cheats while creating a new world (Create New World) or pressing Esc while playing to open Game Menu then choose Open To Lan

Open To Lan

Step 2: Also activate mode ON in the section Allow Cheats

Allow Cheats

Step 3: Next, to enter a specific command, while playing Minecraft, press OLD or BILLION then enter the command, press Enter.

A complete and detailed list of codes in Minecraft

  • /Gamemode 0: Switch the game to Survival mode
  • /Gamemode 1: Switch the game to Creative mode
  • /Gamemode 2: Switch the game to Adventure mode
  • Gamemode 3: Switch to Spectator mode (Viewer mode)
  • /Gamerule commandBlockOutput false: Disable command block output
  • /Gamerule showDeathMessages: Disable death messages
  • /Gamerule doFireTick false: Prevent the fire from spreading
  • Gamerule doDaylightCycle false: Turn off time cycle
  • Gamerule keepInventory true: Minecraft command dies without losing items
  • /kill @r: Kill any player (randomly selected)
  • /kill @e: Kill all living entities in the game
  • /kill @a: Kill all players in the game
  • /kill @p: Kill the player closest to your location
  • /time set 18000: Set the time for the night
  • /time set 6000: Set the time until noon
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 22 [Giây][level 1-255]: Absorb
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 15 [Giây][level 1-255]: Blind
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] twelfth [Giây][level 1-255]: Fire protection
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 3 [Giây][level 1-255]: Quickly, quickly
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 21 [Giây][level 1-255]: HP Recovery
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 17 [Giây][level 1-255]: Make the character feel hungry
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 7 [Giây][level 1-255]: Deals instant damage
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 6 [Giây][level 1-255]: Instantly reduces character’s health (HP)
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 14 [Giây][level 1-255]: Invisible
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 8 [Giây][level 1-255]: Jump higher
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 4 [Giây][level 1-255]: Mining is harder
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 9 [Giây][level 1-255]: Causes nausea
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 16 [Giây][level 1-255]: Improved night vision, night mode
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 19 [Giây][level 1-255]: Poisoned
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] ten [Giây][level 1-255]: Reconstruction, Reconstruction
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 11 [Giây][level 1-255]: Rehibilitate
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 23 [Giây][level 1-255]: Saturation (hungry mode)
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 2 [Giây][level 1-255]: Reduce speed to maximum
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] first [Giây][level 1-255]: Acceleration
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 5 [Giây][level 1-255]: Tronger
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 13 [Giây][level 1-255]: Breathe underwater
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 18 [Giây][level 1-255]: Decreases health, becomes weaker
  • /effect [Tên người chơi] 20 [Giây][level 1-255]: Withering the trees
  • /resident: Display your information on the screen
  • /resident friend remove + : Removes offline players from friends list.
  • /resident friend clearlist: Removes all players from the friends list.
  • /resident friend add : Add an online player to your friends list.
  • /resident friend remove : Removes an online player from the friends list.
  • /resident : Displays other players’ information on the screen.
  • /resident friend add + : Add offline players to your friends list.
  • /f help [số trang] – Show command section.
  • /f list [số trang] – Show list of factions
  • /f show [faction tag] – Show detailed information about a faction
  • /f map [on/off] – Show map
  • /f power [tên người chơi] – Displays the character’s energy.
  • /f join [tên faction] – Enter faction
  • /f leave – Exit faction
  • /f chat – Turn faction chat on and off
  • /f home – Returns to faction home
  • /f create[faction tag] – Create a new faction.
  • /f desc[ghi thông báo faction vào đây] – Change the faction notice
  • /f tag [faction tag] – Change faction tag
  • /f open – Enable, disable if invitation is needed to enter faction
  • /f invite [Tên người chơi] – Invite someone to faction
  • /f deinvite [Tên người chơi] – Cancel the invitation to faction
  • /f sethome – Set faction home
  • /f claim – Take over where you are standing
  • /f autoclaim – Activates auto-occupation when you cross the land
  • /f unclaim, declaim – Unclaim where you are
  • /f owner [Tên người chơi] – Set/Remove ownership of a chunk (16×16) to a single player in faction
  • /f ownerlist – View the list of chunk owners in faction
  • /f kick [tên người chơi] – Kick a player out of faction
  • /f officer [tên người chơi] – For one person to be the deputy faction
  • /f leader [tên người chơi] – For one person to own faction
  • /f noboom – Enable/disable explosion in faction
  • /f ally [ tên faction ] – Allied with other factions
  • /f neutral [tên faction] – Normal with other faction
  • /f enemy [tên faction] – Opponents with other factions
  • /f money balance – Display the amount in faction
  • /f money deposit – Contribute money to faction
  • /f money withdraw – Get money out faction
  • /f money ff – Transfer money from one faction to another
  • /f money fp – Transfer money from faction to player
  • /f money pf – Transfer money from player to faction

Minecraft code to teleport

  • /tp [yRot] [xRot] – Teleport to the destination
  • /tp facing – Teleport in one direction
  • /tp facing – Teleports in front of an entity
  • /tp [yRot] [xRot] – Teleport a target

Where: x, y, z are moving coordinates

  • X: East or West position of the place it appears
  • Z: North or South location of the desired destination.
  • Y: Elevation on bedrock.

Have fun playing the game!

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