Instructions for dialing to win iPhone 12 on Gunny Launcher

To welcome the release of the event game Gunny on PC and Christmas, the game’s publisher held it free dialing event hit iPhone 12 Gunny Launcher. This is an event for Gunner gamers to have the opportunity to receive an iPhone 12, as well as other attractive gifts from Gunny Launcher.

To help Gunny gamers quickly have a lucky chance to receive iPhone 12 with other gifts, will introduce the article. how to dial the number to win iPhone 12 on Gunny Launcher, please consult.

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Instructions for dialing to win iPhone 12 on Gunny Launcher

Step 1: First, we will open the game Gunny Launcher on our computer, then log into the game account.

If everyone’s computer has not installed this game, you can refer to the article: Instructions to install the game Gunny Launcher on PC.

Step 2: After logging in to your account successfully, at the main interface of the game, tap the item Mission on the right side of the image color.

Click on the Tasks item

Step 3: At the interface of the item Mission, please click on the item Event mission. Then click on the item Christmas wheel.

Step 4: Next, click the button Get rewarded, let me get a Christmas tree and change the number of spins.

Get a Christmas tree


  • From November 23, Every day you log into the game you will receive 1 Christmas Tree for free.
  • In addition, after the next 20 minutes you will receive 1 more free pine tree in the game’s gift chest.
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Step 5: Return to the main game interface, click on the item Event at the top of the screen.

Click on the Event item

Step 6: Next, tap the item Christmas wheel.

Tap on the Christmas Wheel

Step 7: At this point on the screen will display a lucky spin and on it there are many rewards, click on the button Begin to spin Christmas wheel.

Start to spin the winning wheel

Step 8: When the hand of the wheel stops at any reward, it is the gift the player receives.


When you dial all 28 or more times, gamers will be named in Gunny’s number of Special Prize Dials to win the iPhone 12. The special dial-up session to win iPhone 12 will take place on three days, December 3, December 17, and December 31 in the form of Livestream at Gunny fanpage. Please follow the Fanpage to follow the livestream.

Calendar for event livestreams

This event is only available on Gunny Launcher, if you play it on the mobile platform or on the web you will not see the separate items of this event. Gifts received from participating in this event will include:

  • Special Prize: 3 iPhone 12 smartphones
  • Gift in kind: Hundreds of Gunny Cotton Chicken, Gunny T-shirts.
  • In-Game Gifts: Tens of thousands of LEGEND – Ares Goddess (renewable), Train Accessories Card, 500 Key Coins, Animal Enhancement Pills, EXP Rings, Skill Spirit, …

Wish you all success!

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