PUBG Mobile Mini-14 Vs QBU: Why QBU Replace Mini 14 in Sanhok

PUBG Mobile launches the QBU to replace the Mini-14 in Sanhok. Why is that? Let’s compare Difference between Mini-14 and QBU to know the reason!

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Compare PUBG Mobile Mini-14 and QBU

The QBU and Mini-14 don’t currently appear on the same map in classic game mode. However, you can use both in TDM and gym mode to compare their strengths and features. QBU is currently one of two exclusive weapons in Sanhok.

QBU is the exclusive weapon in Sanhok in PUBG Mobile


The QBU does slightly higher damage than the Mini-14. The damage point of this exclusive DMR is 48, while that of Mini -14 is 46. The base damage point / body / average of the QBU is also higher than that of the Mini-14.

Bullet speed

The ammo speed of PUBG Mobile's QBU

Despite its limited damage potential, the Mini-14 has a much higher bullet rate than the QBU:

  • Ammo speed of Mini-14: 990m / sec
  • QBU’s ammo speed: 945m / sec

Therefore, the drop rate of this legendary DMR weapon is lower than the QBU. However, for QBU it doesn’t matter since fighting on Sanhok is shorter than on other maps like Erangel and Miramar.

This speed is enough to turn QBU into a powerful DMR gun on this tiny tropical island.

Rate of fire

Both of these PUBG weapons have the same rate of fire with a 0.1 second delay between the two bullets. So, you can easily fire up to 600 rounds per minute without reloading when using the QBU and Mini-14.

Effective shot range

The Mini-14 has a longer effective range so it will be suitable for use on larger maps like Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi than QBU with the maximum damage unchanged, still 90m. Additionally, the Mini-14’s maximum effective range is 1,000 meters, damage reduced from 90 meters to 420 meters.

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QBU damage lower than Mini-14. Remains within 90m, but damage drops from 90 to 400 meters. Its maximum impact range, however, is slightly longer, possibly up to 1050.

Size of magazine

The Mini-14 can load 20 to 30 rounds at a time. Meanwhile, QBU is only 10 to 20 like any other DMR weapon. Obviously, the ammo capacity of PUBG Mobile’s Mini-14 is larger. Therefore, the Mini-14’s reload time is also longer with 3.6 seconds while the QBU is only 3 seconds (in the absence of a fast replacement magazine).

Above is the difference between the Mini-14 and QBU of PUBG Mobile. Hope the article helps you better understand these two weapons when playing PUBG.

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