TFT season 5: Knight lineup – Mysterious with key Kayle

In Truth Arena season 5, the combination of Knights and Mysteries is one of the most powerful tank formations. When combined with a champion that deals high damage in the late game like Kayle, this formation will be really scary. Let’s refer to how to play the Knight – Mystery squad with Kayle in the article below.

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TFT season 5: Knight lineup – Mysterious with key Kayle

Introducing the squad

Overview of the lineup

The main clans include

  • Knight: Reduces fixed damage from all sources to your squad
  • Mysterious: Reduces magic damage taken on your squad

In addition, the sub-systems also increase the team’s resistance, including:

  • Armor: Increase the armor of your entire squad
  • Angel: Increases armor, magic resistance for Angel generals
  • Fairies: Immune to control for generals for a period of time in the early game

It can be seen that, with the combination of many defensive lineages, this combined formation will have very good resistance. Of course, no matter how good the resistance is, it is impossible to win without a champion that deals damage, so we will need the mainstays with the ability to deal great damage like Draven, Vel’koz … and best of all, Kayle. Because, this squad is extremely suitable to prolong the match, which will give Kayle enough time to sublimate to level 4. At that time, almost no squad can survive the rains. Kayle’s terrifying sword.


  • Has high stamina for all the generals in the squad
  • Easy to roll champions
  • Hit the late game very strongly with Kayle
  • The main equipment only needs to be obtained for Kayle
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  • Early game and mid game are quite weak if there is no champion that deals good damage
  • It is easy to lose continuously and lose a lot of points due to not having a key
  • Without Kayle, I would be extremely weak

How to arrange the squad

The generals in the squad include:

  • Upline: Garen, Rell, Taric, Nautilus
  • Following route: Lux, Kindred, Kayle, Thresh, Ryze (Level 9)

When playing this formation, the most important thing is to keep health until the level is reached to be able to roll out Kayle. In the early and mid game, try to defend the house and keep health with any formation until you reach level 8 and have about 50 gold or more. At this point, buy the necessary generals in the squad and especially Kayle, because this is the main damage champion. If your dignity is too poor, you must use other main champions like Varus, Draven… but you will definitely not achieve high rankings.

How to equip equipment

With Kayle as the main, you just need to focus on getting enough equipment for this champion.


  • Crazy blade: Increase attack speed to high
  • Angel Armor: Help Kayle avoid dying too soon
  • Gun Sword/Hand of Darkness/Blood Sword: Gives Kayle the ability to heal when attacking.

In addition to Kayle, if there are resistance items, attach them to tank champions. Prioritize Garen, Rell, Taric.

Tip: Try to get enough items of the Dark Atonement/Random Chain and attach to Taric as much as possible will help the team become stronger and live longer.

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Wishing you many victories with the Kayle Knights squad – Mystery!

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