Difference between Free Fire Max and Free Fire

Free Fire Max and Free Fire What’s the difference? Let Download.vn compare 5 big difference between Free Fire Max and Free Fire Please!

Free Fire has become the most popular battle royale survival shooter in the world and in Vietnam is no exception. Only a few days left, Free Fire Max will be officially released. Would you like to know the difference between these two versions? Here is the answer for you.

5 big differences between Free Fire Max and Free Fire

Graphics quality

Free Fire Max provides a great experience

This is the main reason for the introduction of Free Fire Max. This Free Fire version has improved graphics, significantly superior to the original. While you can only reach Ultra level in Free Fire, Free Fire Max has even higher level settings – Super Ultra with special effects, objects, and a much better character design.

The surroundings in Free Fire Max are the most upgraded. Everything is in higher resolution. Skin particle effects appear every second.

Game size

Better graphics, of course, also take up more storage. Free Fire Max is 3 times heavier than the normal version, from 1.5 -2GB. If you do not have enough space, you need to upgrade your device so that Free Fire Max can run smoother and more stable.

The gameplay of Free Fire Max is more stable and smooth

Draw distance – The distance that the object displays in the game

Draw distance is an extremely important feature in a game genre like Free Fire – where a lot of fights happen over a longer range. However, this is quite costly for device performance. In Free Fire Max, the game will render a larger area in the original version. This could be an advantage for Free Fire Max players that the original Free Fire player didn’t have.

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Free Fire Max has a nicer effect than the original Free Fire

Power consumption

You will need a device with at least 4GB of RAM to run Free Fire Max. Normal Free Fire version is lighter, 2GB recommended, minimum 1GB.

If the device is 2GB, you can still try Free Fire Max, however, the whole setting will have to drop to Low.

New feature

From unofficial sources, Free Fire Max has integrated streaming and more plays.

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