PUBG Mobile: Gyroscope and usage

PUBG Mobile

Gyroscope also known as Gyroscope is a very useful and interesting feature used to aid in aiming in PUBG Mobile. . Let learn about Gyroscope in the following article.

PUBG Mobile

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Gyroscope and usage in PUBG Mobile

The gyroscope helps players to move vision on the phone up and down and to the side without using the fingers placed on the screen. Gyro sensor helps optimize screen orientation with mobile device movement.

As a result, it makes it easier to control recoil and aim better than usual, and while operating the feature is extremely simple, it is difficult to master.

How to turn on the gyroscope and adjust the sensitivity

Into the section Settings -> Basic -> Gyroscope sensor. Here you will be able to keep it on, or only when you open the viewfinder to turn it on.


After opening the gyros, we should also adjust the sensitivity for it in the section Sensitivity. Beginners should set the settings low and after practicing, feeling comfortable with those tweaks, start increasing your stats. In addition, players should adjust the high sensitivity for the absence of the viewfinder and the small scopes such as 2x or 3x. Lower sensitivity for high-end scopes such as 6x or 8x for increased accuracy for long-range battles.


Master the gyroscope for precise aiming

When first starting out using the gyroscope it will be a bit difficult to adjust. So the best way is to go into the practice room, adjust the sensitivity to match, and practice firing first. Try out all the different types of gazes to get used to. After feeling good, go out and shoot in battle. It is best to leave the gyroscope sensor in the viewfinder first, then after mastering it to keep it open.

Ammo shell with gyro (left) turned on and gyroscope off (right)
Ballistics when turning on gyroscope (left) and spinning off (right)

Each gun has a different recoil, so the gyroscope will be different as well. To master, it is best to practice on a gun first. The most obvious effect when you practice proficiently is when you hold the shot. The projectile will go much more accurate and stable than the traditional way of shooting.

Wish you successful practice!

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