Common terms used in the game Blade & Soul

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The role-playing game Blade & Soul will officially be Closed Beta on August 18, gamers quickly join the guild, receive the Blade & Soul activation key to participate in the experience of this cult game.

Similar to the games DotA, Raid, GTA 5 good Overwatch, then Blade & Soul also has its own terms, which help players communicate with each other more conveniently. So invite you to follow the article below:

Game Blade & Soul

Synthesize commonly used terms in Blade & Soul

  • Skill AoE (Area of ​​Effect): Skills to deal damage on a large area.
  • SKill CC (Crowd Control): Skills used to control the target. When the target cannot cause attacks or is disabled, CC skills are usually Stun, Daze, Knock Down …
  • Skill DoT (Damage Over Time): Skills that deal damage over time.
  • Skill DPS (Damage Per Second): The ability deals damage per second.
  • Mech (Mechanic): Mechanism of action and attack of the boss.
  • Aggro: Marked by the boss.
  • Ads: Small fuck.
  • SKill I frame: The skill makes the player immune to damage and hard control inflicted by bosses and other players.
  • Ani cancel (Cancel Animation): The ability to use to cancel the attack time of another skill (interrupt the ability or shorten the duration of the attack) helps the player to attack faster.
  • Dungeon / Dungeon: Caves, copies in the game.
  • Trap Run: Only teams with poor players.
  • Driver: Only the one who adjusted the rotation for Dung Naryu Foundry.
  • Heal: Only healing skill.
  • Block: Blocking, blocking skills of most classes.
  • Knock up / Airborne / Launch: Only skill that causes a knockout status.

Blade & Soul gamers keep these terms in mind, prepare everything carefully to welcome August 18 to join the Blade & Soul experience.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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