Laplace M: Aerial Street map quest guide

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In Laplace M, there is a city with a very attractive name: Aerial Street. Here, players can participate in both PVP and PVE activities that are extremely exciting and are the main place to earn equipment for War Cavalry. Let learn about this strange city in the following article.

Street in the air
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Guide to Aerial Street map missions

Street In The Air for level 70 and above is opened at 13: 30-24: 00 Monday to Saturday, Sunday 13: 30-20: 00 ends, quest completion will be rewarded.

At 13:30 we can team up or go solo to enter Aerial Street doing battlefield missions here. The battlefield missions include killing monsters, transporting Military Chests, killing enemy Vehicles, killing players on the enemy’s side and killing General Quan Nhu on the enemy side. Completion of battlefield missions will receive corresponding points. Transporting Military Chests and destroying Troops Riders aside from points, each day also rewards more honor and honor to be used to buy items at Aerial Street Shop.

To enter this map, we select the section Kingdom -> Aerial Street -> Into the battlefield. Note that this is a CONTACT SERVER map (multiple servers join), so you will meet players on other servers.

Street in the air

Starting position and monster position

In this map there are a total of 3 servers and each server has a different starting position.

Server starting location (circled in red)
Server starting location (circled in red)

There are four positions with monsters and bosses, when destroying the boss and monsters will get 5 points each. Monster position as shown below.

Monster locations on the map (circled in gold)
Monster locations on the map (circled in gold)

The mission of transporting military chests

The enemy’s Military Chest will be located within the enemy side, transporting the enemy’s Military Chest to the Place where the supplies are on your side to complete the mission. Each day you can get bonus points through the quest of Transporting Military Treasure Chest of 5 times.

Pick up the treasure chest behind the opponent's 1st turret
Pick up the treasure chest behind the opponent’s 1st turret
Bring the chests back to the designated positions in the barracks and get points
Bring the chests back to the designated positions in the barracks and get points

Destroyed Military Vehicles By the enemy

The enemy Troop vehicle will be on the enemy side, it transports supplies and moves non-stop, finds the vehicle on the enemy side and destroys it to be able to complete its mission. Note, when going into the enemy side, the Defense Tower in the enemy barracks will grow stronger as you go deep in, do not rush in arbitrarily.

Destroy the enemy's Army vehicle
Destroy the enemy’s Army vehicle

Destroy the enemy’s Xiangqi

General Nhu will appear at 18:40 every day, killing enemy General Nhu has a chance of getting Life Crystal and Golden Armor.

Get rewarded

After completing the quest, you can enter Aerial Street Shop using honor points to buy some Material Chests for the war cavalry. Open chests normally get green items, if you’re lucky you can also get gold items worth the war cavalry.


We can keep killing monsters and humans to accumulate individual points, each monster or player that kills gets 5 points. Players with points 400 or more will be graded into the Final Rankings, depending on their rank on the board that players will receive their respective rewards.


So, together we have learned about the city on the clouds in the Land of the Wind. Hope the article has helped you explore this place more easily. Wish you have fun playing the game and see you in the next articles.

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