10 most haunting foreign objects in horror movies

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Category horror film with creatures with monstrous shapes and crazy killing rage is no longer strange to viewers. However, many times these monsters only know how to follow a single pattern, which is to rush to bite the victim without any reason or purpose. That’s why the creatures that make people really haunt, make the viewer fear even after the movie has closed.. is really a rare thing in movies. However, it is rare to be good and now Emergenceingame.Com will boldly point out the 10 most haunting monsters that history has ever witnessed in the seventh art.


Cloverfield is shot in a documentary style, with the only perspective on the film world being through the protagonist’s handheld camcorder. Therefore, most of the time, viewers can’t see the true form of the giant monster that bit the head of the Statue of Liberty. But it was the curiosity and mystery surrounding “Clover” – the name that people later gave it, that created a crazy obsession in the fans’ minds. Initially, people assumed that Clover had an extraterrestrial origin with the attack on New York City as part of some kind of invasion plan.. However, in reality Clover was awakened under the sea by a submarine. research, revealed the creature had lived here for thousands of years and grew to enormous size thanks to eating a plant in the deep sea.


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Babadook appeared in the movie of the same name with origins in the bedtime stories that parents often tell their children. There instead of brightly colored stories, the book that the mother Amelia tells her son is a place where a phantom spawns thanks to human fear. Named Babadook, this white-faced and black-clad monster will pursue anyone who reads its poems. As the victim’s mind becomes more delusional and fearful, Babadook’s appearance will become more and more bizarre and its influence will be stronger. Until the end, the victim will kill his own child or loved one.. before cutting his own throat.


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The Entity

Movie It Follows gives viewers the most haunting ghost in the movie world, a monstrous image that can never die and will follow the victim forever. True to its title, it followed the cursed one slowly, walking as if it had all the time in the world. The Entity only stops until it kills the victim.. or the curse is passed on to others by having sex. But the bottom line is that if the next victim is killed, it will return to the one who just escaped the curse. It’s because The Entity creates a crazy obsession about it never knowing how to stop and even now you can escape the curse… it will still come back to you one day.


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Korean movie The Host Welcome to one of the most monstrous creatures in cinematic history, a monster mutated by the metalal substance that was dumped into the Han River. Initially only appearing in flooded areas, the monster instantly became a real nightmare on land as it was able to move freely on its legs and tail. The image of it rushing straight into the running stream and devouring the victim like a lifeless doll has haunted the minds of many viewers. But the scary thing is that it’s not as far from the truth as people think.. because Gwoemul’s shape is designed based on a mutated real fish found on the banks of the Han River (continued).

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