Dignitas preparing to welcome the legendary squad of CSGO?

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Team Dignitas looking to return to the league CSGO spend male gameraccording to a report from DBLTAP. Formation rumored to be full of veteran face in the village Swedish CSGOmost of them have their names in the lineup of Ninjas in Pajamas from the early days of CSGO.

A year after announcing their previous roster, Dignitas seems set to reimagine the CSGO scene with a team led by legendary, forest, friberg and Xizt. GeT_RiGhT has been rumored to be Dignitas’ next target to possibly complete the roster.


Dignitas announced the purchase of 19-year-old gamer hallzerk. Friberg is not asking for a buyback, as he has been a freelance gamer since deciding to leave Heroic in August of this year. GeT_RiGhT has also been a freelance gamer since he left Ninjas in Pajamas in September. Xizt and forest still have contracts with Fnatic and Ninjas in Pajamas, however forest is the only one currently playing on an active roster. motion.

Dignitas has sponsored several teams Professional CSGO, their past lineups were often made up of talent from Denmark. The team ventured into CSGO for the first time in 2014 with the Danish roster über G33KZ, featuring the legends device, dupreeh and Xyp9x. That roster left Dignitas in 2015, and was replaced by another Danish roster that included the return of FeTiSh and Kjaerbye.


In 2017, Dignitas eliminated the Danish squad. The team picked up international players in Europe and North America in the following years, then were relegated to ESEA MDL in mid-2018 after finishing the final game in ESL Pro League season 7. The North American team. came out after MDL season 28, where they were eliminated from the playoffs in the quarterfinals.

Dignitas was absent from the CSGO for male gamers since the launch of their North American lineup, while the female gamer awards are still maintained. Their women’s team finished semi-finals at DreamHack Showdown Valencia and won the Intel Challenge Katowice 2019.

If this new roster comes together, it will be the reunion of the four members of the Ninjas in Pajamas squad that won ESL One Cologne 2014. It is currently unclear when the roster will be officially revealed. awake.

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