[Review] Monster Hunter World PC – The best product of 2018 continues to show strength

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Monster Hunter World is the title ARPG game Okay Capcom (Japan) released in January 2018 for PlayStation4 and Xbox. The world of beast hunters quickly became one of the most appreciated “super products” of the year, but it was not until recently that PC gamers had a chance to experience it. Just a few days after its launch, Monster Hunter World PC quickly received positive reviews from the community. The changes of this version are quite small but subtle, opening up a great experience for both new players and replayers.


Page reporter PCGamesN intended for Monster Hunter World PC score 9/10 with the same comment: “What is worth mentioning here is the freedom that Monster Hunter World gives me, it makes me happy to pour more time into replaying, after having over 200 hours of gameplay on the console. That shows how deep the experience (with the game) is. This is the best RPG game ever and a unique team-based game with lots of potential. The PC version has technical improvements that are equally deep and spectacular. It is a pleasure to hunt in this world.”


COGconnected dot Monster Hunter World PC 82/100 points: “The odds of succeeding in trying to deliver a finishing blow from a frontal attack are on par with the odds of defeating a real dinosaur. Instead, gamers need to take a more technical approach, which seems to be inspired by Capcom. Street Fighter. The result is a complex combat system with a multitude of combos, combining basic slashes with deadly turns, each combo being slightly different due to the effects of each weapon. This battle system changed me from wishing for a game Dark Souls dino-slicing version, into someone who notices and appreciates the special spirit behind Monster Hunter World. This game embodies the Capcom spirit.” The game was criticized for its too long content introduction.

Gameinformer score 9.3/10: “Monster Hunter World run at a higher resolution, providing a smoother experience, that’s if your PC can handle it. With an Nvidia 1080 TI graphics card and an Intel Core i7 8700K CPU, I maxed out at 60fps, 1440p resolution. When I downgraded to 1080p, I got 20 more frames per second, but overall the graphics quality didn’t improve much, especially when comparing the Xbox One X to the PS4 Pro… However, the loading time was pretty much the same. “Heavenly Fortune”. If with consoles, gamers must go to play on the phone or go to the toilet for a while while waiting to load, then the PC version only takes about 10 seconds.


GameSpot Rating 8/10: “Really everything is tuned for the solo play experience. That’s a plus because gamers can play for 60 hours straight without interacting with other people. Compared to the AI ​​monsters, facing a fire-breathing dinosaur-like creature is clearly worth more.”

IGN rating 9.5/10, the only point that this news site criticizes Monster Hunter World PC is: “The fighting in Monster Hunter requires extremely precise timing, when you’re using complex weapons it feels like your fingers have to dance all over the keyboard in a way that’s overkill.”


PC Gamer Rating 86/100: “The match was not interesting in that way Dark Souls nice Devil May Cry, which means it doesn’t have the occasional bonuses, combos like flowing water or perfect timing, but it’s fun. When you can take the lead and hit a rare combo in the right way, it’s super exciting.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun did not give a specific score but commented: “This world will mercilessly devour your free time. In fact, you will need to organize a lot of “free time”. The game can be divided into two parts. The first half is about 40-70 hours of story-driven ARPG. Then there’s about 4 billion hours of Warframe or Destiny-style self-experience.”

RPG Site score 8/10: “The mouse and keyboard work better than expected, but this game is clearly designed for consoles. If you have a gamepad, use it instead of a mouse and keyboard. Battles with high level monsters proved to be a bit overwhelming without a handle. An analog hand gives you more precise maneuvering and dodging.​

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