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Not to mention Update Anti-Cheat on Official Server, PUBG Just released an Update to modify the Gameplay on the test server system. In addition to adding the Add Friend mechanism and many other features, PUBG also brings a realistic effect to the game’s scope system.

Accordingly, PUBG’s Scope will have a wider field of view than before, which means you can cover more through the viewfinder. This change makes the Scope system in general somewhat easier to use, especially with Scope X2 which was considered useless in PUBG before.


However, if you experience the game on Server Test at this time, you will also notice a rather strange change in the viewfinder system. There when the viewfinder is turned on or moved suddenly, a black shadow will occupy the viewfinder.. causing the player to be “delayed” for a few seconds before being able to pull the trigger. In fact, this is not a game bug but a real-life simulation effect. Dubbed “Parallax” or “Parallel”, it is a common occurrence with equipment such as viewfinders or binoculars when the eye is not aligned with the viewfinder. Adding this effect to PUBG aims to make the game more realistic and close to real life. In real life, Reflex (Red Dot) or Holo viewfinders do not experience this effect.


As soon as this effect appears in the game, the community PUBG There have been mixed reactions. Some are annoyed because now aiming has become more difficult while others fully agree with the developer’s change. They argue that the Parallax effect will make snipers more cautious and take longer to pull the trigger, thereby reducing the damage in long-range gunfights and creating balance for the game. In addition, it also follows the direction of the original PUBG, which is to bring a Gameplay closer to real life than the current level.


Therefore, if this change remains the same when on the official Server, the new Scope system will require you to be extremely careful in leaning out of cover to aim. Simply because with this effect, players when aiming with a large Scope will have a certain delay before determining the center, making themselves very easy to get bullets if they do not react in time. Perhaps from here gamers will have to start training with the new Scope to be able to become the winner of the sniper phase in PUBG.

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