Gamers propose… gamers right before the game

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For many people, a game… is simply a game. In front of them, the game is just like some useless leisure activity of young people, of carefree people who have not made money yet. However, that is not true because today’s game can be considered a legitimate work of people with the same life, responsibilities and goals as anyone else. However, to find someone who really understands me is not easy.. especially before the “pressure” of today’s television or radio. So the question here is how do you, a person who works with games, find someone like that when everyone out there is “despising” your own work.


Simply, the answer is to fall in love with a girl who is a gamer. Yes, that’s exactly what Chris Boston (also known by his nickname “WaDi” in the Smash Bros.) has been doing all this time… before he officially proposed to his girlfriend who is also a gamer.


Not only boldly proposed marriage, this guy also did it right before the match and under the witness of countless viewers. Cinnpie in tears said yes and officially brought this pair of gamer teams to live under one roof. Not only stole the heart of female gamer WaDi, then continued to beat the opponent with a close score of 3-2, ending a day that could not be more memorable for him.

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