PUBG – 13 million Hack accounts have reached the top

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PUBG Opened for testing on Steam in March 2017, to December 2017, this game was officially released on PC, and by September this year, PUBG was officially available on the Xbox One platform. For more than a year, PUBG has become one of the hottest games in the gaming industry today, but at the same time, the phenomenon of game hacking and cheating is always a serious problem that makes the publisher of this game PUBG. Corporation had to ‘rub his head and scratch his ears’. Recently, an account on Reddit, sjk045, made a statistic showing the tense ‘brain battle’ process between PUBG Corp and stubborn hackers.


After rearranging the numbers that PUBG Corporation and Bluehole published on the net store chain (, sjk045 discovered, within 69 weeks, the developer of this game locked 13 million accounts of hackers, to be more precise 13,099.548 account.


From June 16, 2017, every week Bluehole will publish the number of locked hackers on PUBG Cafe page, players can also check the list of these hackers on the website. This is also considered a warning action for those who have been, are and are planning to hack the game.​

Based on the chart we can see that starting from the beginning of this year, the number of players cheating, hacking the game has skyrocketed, but starting from the 40th week, the number of players locked acc is on a decreasing trend, Does this prove that the measures that PUBG Corporation used to prevent hacking in the game have achieved certain results?


Indeed, the phenomenon of hacking is a matter of concern in PUBG when it greatly reduces the player’s experience, and this is most likely also one of the reasons why PUBG was hit by a game from China. The country has lost its ‘throne’ on the ranking of the best-selling games on Steam in the past week.

PUBG Corp has applied a lot of measures to prevent this phenomenon and initially worked. The number of 13 million accounts locked shows the company’s determination in fighting stubborn hackers. Hopefully the above phenomenon will be improved to return players the best experience.​

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