Overwatch female gamer travels across the country as a bridesmaid for his girlfriend through the game

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So far, relationships that come from the virtual world, especially online games, always make people skeptical, put little trust in it, think it’s virtual and not real, or friendship. in the water just like water flowing clouds drift, should not be too focused. However, reality has proven that life is not always so black. As many gamers we all know that, in today’s open society, it is the online game that is the bridge that helps countless couples become married, and with many soulful friendships, have been born from the game. real.

The story was recently shared on a game forum Overwatch can’t help but make many people really touched by such a beautiful and admirable friendship.


The owner of this story is Jaszy Smith, a female gamer from the United States. She has just held a wedding with her partner, and it is special to be present on this big day with her friend “Mercy”, the girlfriend that Jaszy Smith had a chance to meet in the game Overwatch and The two gradually became very close friends. She did not manage to travel a long distance to be able to become a bridesmaid for her friend through her game.

Jaszy Smith wrote: “About 2 years ago, I accidentally joined the team with “friend Mercy” (Mercy – the name of a hero in Overwatch, Jaszy Smith calls my friend by the name of the hero that friend plays) this extremely interesting and ended It was a complete victory that night. After a few weeks of exchanging information and talking, mostly playing Overwatch together, but then about everything in life, we finally became best friends. We promise that if one day one of us meets our other half, we will come to each other’s wedding. And just a few days ago, she traveled the length of the country to be my bridesmaid. This is truly one of the best memories I’ve ever had and I’m so grateful to have such a great friend, all thanks to Overwatch. I just wanted to share my story because there are a lot of articles out there about how toxic the environment in the game is. But it’s things like this that make Overwatch so fun and so special to so many people. Thank you very much”.


The intimate and emotional moments between the two in the wedding ceremony made viewers really emotional. Although it was just a relationship that came from the virtual world, the two came together and maintained it with the most sincere feelings, which even real-life couples cannot match.

The post with the above images, after being shared, has attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of shares and comments from the community. Overwatch gamer come from all over the world.


They all share the same congratulations and admiration for the very lovely and respectful friendship between the two female gamers. It is also one of the strongest proofs, proving that online games are not always as bad as many people think.​

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