PS4 store opening experience – updated for 2019

Open PS4 store (Or some people also call it PS4 shop, a PS4 gaming service) In Ho Chi Minh market, at first glance it seems easy, but if you are not well managed or inexperienced, the business is not favorable, leading to loss is inevitable. Recently, many customers come to nShop to ask for advice about the experience of opening a PS4 store, so the store side would like to share with you who are learning about this business form to make it easier to prepare.

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At the end of 2018, 2019 is approaching and then opening a PS4 store, still “eating”?

The answer to this problem is relatively vague because the business also depends on each person, each location location and many additional factors. However, if you only consider the side of 2019, if the PS4 is still popular, the answer is yes. Up to this point, some stores still maintain PS3 rental services kicking PES, there is no reason why PS4 will quickly become obsolete in 2019.

Should I open a PS4 store or not

As for you worrying PS5 out, the more you should not worry because the PS5 out, the initial investment price is high (Higher than PS4 is of course) Capital recovery is even more difficult! Making a service different from a technology race, the most important thing is that you make a profit and get capital back quickly. If you wait a year or even longer (PS5 official announcement – refer to the article “Should you buy Ps4 or wait for Ps5” to be clear) At that time, you may have fully paid back the PS4 store and prepared to invest in a PS5 system for the store.

So, the best way is to take a walk around Saigon, find out if the PS4 game shops are busy or not, then decide instead of fearing obsolescence.

How much capital does it need to open a PS4 store?

Speaking of capital, it is a very terrible fluctuation number. Maybe from 200 million to 2 billion. It depends on how much you want to do it. However, to make it easy to visualize the shop, please advise you on the most reasonable package to recover capital, but if the option is higher, it depends on your calculation.

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open ps4 shop

Open PS4 store with 300 million

The average cost of a console for a customer to use includes (Temporarily calculated, may change from time to time):

  1. PS4 Slim – 7 million
  2. 43 inch LG TV (Full HD 1080p standard) – 6 million
  3. PES disc – FIFA – 900 thousand
  4. 2nd auxiliary handle for guests – 1 million
  5. Table – 500 thousand
  6. Seat (double or single seat) – 500 thousand

Total cost: 16 million

Average ground 14 machines (There are 6 machines on each side, the depth of the ground is about 10 machines – if you have deeper ground, you can multiply the number of machines) = 224 million.

The remaining costs of opening a PS4 store are calculated in:

  • Plans and ground deposits – (Usually 10-12 million pay 1 month deposit 1 month if the owner is easy) – If it’s your home, the better
  • Sign – about 5 million (Going to Ly Thai To street – Le Hong Phong, the advertising construction shops will accept to make signs, there are many styles with different costs, cheap depending on type)
  • Expenses for buying fans, air conditioners – (There should be at least 1 because the service in Ho Chi Minh City is very high – there is no air conditioner, customers can easily go elsewhere), power outlet, monitoring camera, calculator for checkout (You can take advantage of existing old machines because you do not do much)
  • Light store decoration Like stickers for game posters, hanging frames …

How long does it take to start a Playstation to recover capital

With the most economical cost possible to open a 14-machine game room, the capital recovery can be in the range of 6 months – 1 year, depending on the level of crowds of the area. However, if the capital is strong, you can invest more to bring high profits, but the shop still advises you to try the market first.

open an investment ps4 store

Maybe the area you survey is crowded, but the area where you can rent space, there are few kids playing games. Therefore, if you rent, you can prepare a site that can accommodate 20-30 machines or more, but initially try it depending on the capital investment.

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Don’t just open the Playstation service, but also add food

Yes, often customers playing PS4 games at the store also use other miscellaneous services such as:

  • Drink water – Almost everyone who enters the bar asks for water to drink. If you waste it for the neighbor next door to collect this benefit, then very sorry
  • Eat – At first thought there would be not many people eating, but in fact, the number of people who ate beef instant noodles, beef fried noodles, bread (all kinds of Duc Phat prepackaged) or fried noodles with eggs … Just you need to sell Reasonable prices will attract a lot of customers “missed” breakfast or lunch. After eating, they continued to play (Sometimes they eat while playing – cheating they eat is still charged ^^)
  • Cigarette – This dish is up to you to consider, but if you sell cigarettes, you should divide smoking rooms and non-smoking rooms. If the population in your area is mainly children, ignore this because it will cause a bad image for parents to prohibit children from visiting. Therefore, opening the original PS4 store needs to determine this immediately.
  • Fruit, jelly, dessert plan cake – Like food, but these dishes have properties “gamble” than (It’s not a money bet). The pair of friends who play PES is often the one who loses to pay for the hour, sometimes “blood” is a little bit more, the fish will add fruit plates, or fruit cakes.

Things that seem unimportant but bring great profits contribute “payback” fast for you.

Should I buy a PS4 Pro or a PS4 Slim as a Playstation service?

If you do research on the internet or go to the field, you will find quite a few PES shops equipped with PS4 Pro and 4K screen. So buy a PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim to build a PS4 game store? Shop would like to answer you that:

If you just opened a PS4 store, you should choose a PS4 Slim + 43 inch screen. This combo paid back very quickly. Customers are usually close to where they play, it doesn’t matter how 4K TV is on PS4 Pro. While the 4K combo is almost twice the capital, the drawdown takes a long time – at your disadvantage.

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So shouldn’t you invest in PS4 Pro as a game room?

Not that it should be, but due to the high cost, you should leave it later. If you have prepared the space for future development, the following machines can invest in the Ps4 Pro.

Open a high-end PS4 store

Buying a Ps4 Pro when opening a PS4 store is just a secondary element of competition that is easy to advertise (Advertising when opening a PS4 store in your side has a PS4 Pro, a 4K screen – but until only 1-2 clients are playing, other customers also choose Slim to play, not go anywhere). But the Pro machine usually only collects a few thousand dong higher than the Slim device, not worth your investment.

Open a PS4 store to buy an original or portable PS4 for a cheap and cost-effective way

PS4 Slim package nShop advises you that it is super cheap – already the cheapest. Due to a genuine warranty for 12 months, the device is still available “plow” Like a plow, the purchase of a laptop that runs for 3-4 months is a cut-off of that capital. Do not regret a little money, but it will cost you more later!

investment in ps4 game room

Refer PS4 Slim machine super cheap version at nShop for opening a basic PS4 store

Refer PS4 Pro super cheap version at nShop suitable for opening a professional PS4 shop

Refer Genuine Dualshock 4 controller in nShop 1 year warranty (Open the PS4 shop, so buy a backup in case when the handle is out of battery, it can be exchanged immediately for customers to avoid the problem of playing and charging)

Anything else to note when opening a PS4 store?

The issues of premises, site prices, and management depend on each person. Shop can not advise you all. However, if you have other questions, if you have any further questions, please ask below questions or mail to to shop for additional updates. Thank you everyone for your interest in finding out. Wish you success in starting a PS4 game store

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