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Zhongli is the latest 5-star character of the cult game Genshin Impact, in the plot he is a god and is also considered to be one of the strongest because of his ability to break mountains and fill the sea. Because it was just released, there will be quite a lot of players stuck with this new character’s gameplay. So today Funny game will guide you to build the most stable team for you Zhongli, the Great Lava Emperor Army / God of War in Genshin Impact.

Zhongli - Nham King Emperor Quan
Zhongli – Nham King Emperor Quan

What is the weapon for Zhongli?

That is:

  • God flattering (shield buff).
  • Artistic harmony (crit).
  • Save the year.

How the tree erect relics for Zhongli

Holy objects "Goverment" for Zhongli
The “righteous” holy objects are for Zhongli

Physical damage

  • Physical DMG (If you like to watch the cool whirlwind kicks): balance between armor thickness and output damage.

Holy relic:

  • 4 Sense (louder output damage) good 4 Shooting stars (shield more buffalo).

Main property:

  • Index:% attack or DMG / crit or crit DMG
  • Atk% buff both hand and skill buff and physical damage only buffs hand attack so actually 2 types are also 50/50.

Especially if any Refined acupuncture cycle flow 4 – 5 or more should be used in combination holy relics set of 2 sense match and 2 Bloody Knights the hand damage will be higher, also low refined 1 – 3 then 4 Sense and 2/2 mixers Almost the same.

The standard match-up is for Zhongli only

Superconducting squad:

  • Superconducting Combo (to reduce physical resistance): 1 cryo + 1 electro char: Diona / Qiqi / Kaeya + Fischl / Beidou are okay
  • 1 char lava to get resonance (nominations Noelle to buff extra shields when needed) or 1 char buff atk + healing like Bennett it is OK.
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Holy relic:

  • 2 Stone slab + 2 Furniture.
  • Main index: atk% / Geo DMG / crit or crit DMG.

Special lineup:

  • Ningguang do main DPS: 2 lava resonance + full muscle wall can be geo DMG buffed if Zhongli pass.
  • 2 char fire: attack increase, should have Bennett to heal this team and buff ATK.

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