PS4 Pro fan noise is a bug & do you need to pay attention?

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PS4 Pro fan noise is always a concern for owners because you do not know if there are any problems inside the machine and what to do to minimize the situation of the machine howling loud like this. If not handled in time, it will lead to damage or not. Today nShop will answer with you this small but extremely important problem!

ps4 pro fan chime

PS4 Pro fan chime loudly but don’t worry too much

If you just bought a PS4 Pro and played games like Far Cry 4, Final Fantasy X, Shadow of the Colossus … it’s normal but when switching to some games like God of War 4, Uncharted 4 or Final Fantasy VII Remake, the machine suddenly howled up, please rest assured.

The PS4 is too hot

The cause of this hissing noise is due to the games you play with heavy graphics and the processor boosts the processor clock higher, the chip radiates more heat and the fan spins quickly to dissipate that heat. Then a fan whistling noise is made – this is normal and nothing to worry about. The design of the device has been tested and carefully measured by Sony to withstand the heat at a safety threshold. It doesn’t matter if you play these games for a long time (Of course playing 2-3 hours, so turn off the device to rest).

What you need to do when PS4 Pro fan is louder than usual

After reading the first paragraph, you will probably ask: So I didn’t play this game before ‘howling’ but now play it again ‘howling’ then how to handle it? Or: This game plays on my computer, the PS4 Pro fan cries out, but playing my friend’s computer, why is it not the shop?

Now it is certain that the problem that has arisen is no longer a factor in the general operation of the machine, but an error has occurred. nShop will be divided into 2 cases for you to easily grasp:

1 / Your PS4 game disc has been heavily scratched

Why does scratched disc heat up and lead to PS4 Pro fan hum? Simply when the blueray disk is scratched, the data located on it will be difficult for the reader to write all information leading to the CPU for processing. The drive part will work continuously and increase capacity to try to handle that corrupted data, so this process generates very high heat leading to overheating the whole machine. (Like you are in an apartment, if the kitchen is connected to the living room, when the kitchen is overloaded, the living room will be hot too).

PS4 disc scratches too

Note that no matter how much or more scratched, if the reading eyes can not read, do not press the device too …

In the long run, when you play this scratched game disc a lot, it will have a big harm and lead to weak reading. So maybe the same game disc when you hold it through your friend’s computer is running fine with no problem (That is not the case ‘plow’ the disc scratches too much so the good eye is easier to read) but in the long run will affect them. So, considering the scratches, let’s … bite off your teeth!

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2.Your PS4 is time to ‘shower’.

PS4 Pro fan noise sometimes is due to the heat vent on the device has been blocked by dirt and air is not circulating. If your device has been purchased for more than 2 years, it may be time to need it ‘take a shower’ in a figurative sense – that is, take it to the cleaning store & change the thermal paste.

ps4 pro fan chime sometimes due to dirty machine

PS4 Pro fan hums due to the not optimal heat dissipation …

The 2-year period is just a relative milestone nShop recommends for you, in fact some customers have a PS4 Pro fan screaming when they have only been using it for less than 6 months due to the environment. (The house is not a closed room, a house in front, open windows, cars passing …).

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Summary of handling instructions for PS4 Pro fan noise

To reshape the howling machine, nShop will summarize it for you to easily grasp:

  • Game A machine was howling but game B was not => Check if disc A’s graphics are too heavy, are not all machines similar to me?
  • Every game console is => Check that the device has been purchased for more than 2 years and there are signs of dust and dirt covering the heatsink?
  • Game A console before, now => Check if the disc is too scratched?

Also nShop also 5 tips for preserving PS4, you can refer back to Please. Hopefully this article will be useful for those who are experiencing a lot more reassuring in the process of using PS4 Pro fans.

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