Turn off PS4 properly, not everyone knows – The Most Basic Guide!

Turning off PS4 properly sounds simple, but not everyone knows if you’re just starting to use it. The difficulty of this game console is that it changes almost completely to the structure of the machine in each life, leading to whether you have used PS1 or PS2, it is not sure that you already know how to use PS4.

Turn off PS4 properly

For example, the handle of PS1 and PS2 are wired, so when the switch is turned off, the handle will also turn off. So how do you think the PS4 controller will turn off? Today, nShop would like to have a little tutorial on the most basic problem when using PS4 is how to turn off and on.

How to turn on the PS4

To open the PS4 you have 2 basic methods that are:

  1. Press the Power button on the PS4 (Like open PC).
  2. Press the PS button on the connected Dualshock 4 controller (Note, make sure that the PS4 controller is connected to the machine or you need to plug the charger cable into the machine to connect it.).

Turn off PS4 properly after playing

Why does the shop have to use words here “turn off PS4 properly” rather than just off. Simply put, the PS4 has a relatively PC-like design – including many electronic components, most importantly the hard drive. (HDD). Failure to shut down the computer properly will lead to the hard drive being damaged or bad sectors – in the long run Replace the hard drive with a new one.

Turn off the PS4 properly so it doesn't damage the hard drive

An example of a hard drive with a bad sector leading to an unreadable install game …

For those of you who have owned PS1 and PS2 game consoles, shutting down is relatively simple just press Power or unplug the power cord from the drive regardless of whether the machine is running or turned off. Particularly from the PS3 and PS4 onwards, the operating system of the machine is relatively complicated like the PC and the game also has quite a lot of data installed on it, leading to the shutdown to ensure all data is saved and the computer shut down New power cord is unplugged.

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Sony divided the PS4’s Power in addition to On, there are also two modes, Rest Mode (Similar to the sleep of PC – Laptop) and Power Off (Shutdown). Hence for a closer look we will go into:

PS4 Rest Mode

When in sleep mode, the screen is turned off. The indicator light on the machine will blink white, and then light in orange. When entering this mode the machine will operate at low capacity enough to load game files (Game you buy on PSN Store) Or update, update, notice … There are 3 ways for you to enter this mode:

  1. Select Power from the home screen, and select [Enter Rest Mode].
  2. Choose [Power] -> [Enter Rest Mode] in the quick screen (Quick Menu).
  3. Press and hold the Power button on the unit until it hears a * beep * sound.

As mentioned, when in this mode the machine will still operate continuously. Although Sony gives reassurance that this mode does not affect the durability of the machine, the shop advises you to except must “drop the phone” all night to download the new blockbuster games, you should turn off the computer completely.

rest mode ps4 mode

Another advantage of this mode is to turn on the device extremely quickly …

After all, the electronics, not the bronze pot, the stone, the less durable it is to use. So when I use it, it feels like I don’t say it, but when I don’t use it just because I’m lazy or the habit of rest mode leads to wear and tear, it’s regrettable.

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PS4 completely shutdown mode

The PS4 completely shutdown mode means the machine will stop working and all the components inside will not be drained of power. To properly turn on and off PS4 you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Select Power from the home screen, and select [Turn Off PS4].
  2. Choose [Power] -> [Turn Off PS4] in the quick screen (Quick Menu).
  3. Press and hold the Power button on the unit for 7-10 seconds until you hear 2 * beep * beep.

However, after turning off the PS4, you should note that the LED on the device is still on, it means that the machine is processing to close the current tasks to shutdown.

turn off your PS4

In fact, you do not need to care about this, unless you are planning to unplug the power outlet, wait for the LED to completely turn off then remove. If you do not pay attention, but remove it will always lead to hard drive failure later, worse leading to bad sectors and hard drive damage. Due to properly shutting down PS4 is also important!

Lottery bonus: Turn off your PS4 controller?

Someone asked the shop how to turn off the PS4 controller for fear that the hand that keeps working all the time will drain the battery and easily bottle the battery. Although I have found enough ways to turn off the PS4 controller, but whenever you try to press any button on the controller, you will see the hand light is still on => proving that the PS4 controller has not been completely turned off.

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turn off the PS4 controller

However, you do not really need to worry about turning off the PS4 controller like that. The PS4 controller works based on the principle that when the PS4 is connected, the controller will open. When you turn off your PS4, it means that no signal is connected to your hand, your hand will turn off. And the fact that you touch 1 button that automatically lights and blinks continuously means that your hand receives a signal you press the button, is detecting the signal to see if a PS4 is connected. If not, the hand will continue to turn off.

Hopefully, with this small guide above, you can turn off your PS4 properly to avoid future hard drive damage, making your PS4 more durable. Besides that will also be less “confusion” on how to turn off the PS4 controller. Wish you have an enjoyable experience with your game console at the weekend! Don’t forget to join Playstation community to share useful PS4 experiences !.

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