PS3 emulator has played Sony’s super games

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Surely you’ve heard of RPCS3emulator software PS3 games on PC are attracting huge attention of the gaming community. With the ability to emulate many hot games, it also became a topic of intense controversy.. especially after a few game studios started “touching” the development team of RPCS3. However, despite the controversy surrounding, people are still curious about what RPCS3 can do in the future.

Now this emulator software continues to make gamers overwhelmed when just adding another super product to its compatibility list. Yes we are talking Uncharted – one of Sony’s most popular exclusive titles.


Exactly from now on Uncharted when running on RPCS3 was able to boot and can access the gameplay, of course the frame rate is still low. With many major bug fixes, the RRCS3 development team was able to help eliminate major compatibility issues with Uncharted and many other popular games. According to the development team, Uncharted now only has a few graphics issues along with the game’s performance. Handling these issues will be resolved after the development team is done working on games like God of War 3.


In return, besides Uncharted God of War 1 and 2, good Demon’s Souls Heavenly Sword was able to be listed as “playable” when the graphics and sound errors were completely resolved. RPCS3’s great strides show that it is developing extremely fast with the ability to fix a wide range of compatibility errors of major games. This gives gamers hope that one day their PC can play exclusive products like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 or even The Last of US (PS3 version).


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