Dim Light – You will die before you reach the flashlight

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I Am Legend – The famous film based on the novel of the same name by writer Richard Matheson, perhaps the first name that makes the writer really feel the fear from the dark. Image of the main character desperately living in the middle of an abandoned New York, freely picking up essentials left behind during the day.. but when night falls, must hide in fear, hiding from some foreign object that haunts him. photos everywhere.

One of the most dramatic scenes that the film brings is when the main character is forced to find his dog in the middle of a dark deserted house. Everything was black and the light on the gun was the only thing that helped him walk through the long cold corridors. On the contrary, it was when that lamp was turned on that he made himself a visible target before any hungry eyes in that night.

The feeling of the warmth of the light against the fear of the dark has never been so strong with I Am Legend. It stimulates curiosity, a strong desire to explore mysteries, but at the same time makes us hold our breath and fear before something vague and unidentified in the middle of the night. In the virtual world, there are many names that want to recreate that feeling for gamers, but actually successfully conveying it is still a few. Lucky for us, Dim Light is among those rare names

Dim Light throws us side by side with an unnamed character, a small, feeble figure striding across the cold brick in the darkness of the hospital. This person always reminds of “them” – a certain force that casts the night over everything around, for the zombies to drag between each corridor, each room. It seems that as the last survivor between escaping that hell on earth, you will have to do everything to escape from here..


But do not think that we will hold the ultimate weapons or some power to help on that deadly path. All a mediocre man has are his legs and a weak flashlight, illuminating the path ahead. The player’s job in Dim Light is therefore encapsulated in a single word: “survival”. There you will have to fumble in the dark, using the flashlight to illuminate the surroundings to find the way. But not only you in the abandoned hospital, but somewhere in the long corridors, but the hospital room, the toilets .. will hide countless zombies dragging their bodies hungry..


As soon as the flashlight is lit, they will rush towards you like a swarm of grasshoppers, and the only task at that time is to find the exit door to the next area before it is too late. In the midst of a pitch-black scene with weak flashlights, each step of the player carries the burden of tension and suffocation in the atmosphere that gradually suffocates every second. The sound effects also make the dark and scary in Dim Light gain momentum to occupy the brain, making gamers have to shiver with the footsteps echoing the four walls, with the door creaking and banging back and forth, with the sound of the sound. The hungry groans of the foreign bodies when they see their prey or the crazy beating of their hearts as if they want to break their chests.


Dim Light is really a rare name in the Mobile Game village that can breathe a dark, lonely atmosphere into the player’s mind, giving us a true sense of loneliness and hopelessness in the world of the game. . Therefore, Dim Light will become an extremely perfect game if you want to challenge your courage, especially when you are alone in the middle of the night sitting in a room without lights. Dim Light now available on the platform Androidallowing readers to enjoy by downloading the game for free directly here: http://Emergenceingame.Com/bang-xep-hang/dim-light.818/

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