Knives Out – Rules of Survival’s brothers will have a super PC version

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Storm PUBG is still raging on the Game Mobile village when the gaming community has a lot of quality choices in hand. However, the most prominent are still the “two brothers” of the family NetEasetwo standard games style PUBG Mobile with beautiful graphics background. Yes we are talking Knives Out and Rules of Survival – two of the most popular Battle Royale games currently on Mobile.


However, the majority of the community will be more inclined towards Rules of Survival, partly because this game supports a larger game mode and more beautiful graphics. Not only that, Rules of Survival also has a PC version, allowing the game to attract gamers who do not have enough money to buy a PUBG license key. Now to compete with its brother, Knives Out will also be brought to the keyboard mouse platform by NetEase with a strong upgrade in terms of graphics as well as gameplay.


Name Knives Out Plus, this PC game seems to be more than just a raw calf version from Mobile. Accordingly, NetEase will conduct an extremely strong upgrade to completely transform the graphics and gameplay aspects of the game. Specifically, Knives Out Plus will completely refine the construction system on the 64 square kilometer map, allowing players to immerse themselves in a completely new map.

Moreover, Knives Out Plus also offers a 2-handed 2-gun mechanism, allowing gamers to participate in never-before-seen combat. Besides, the game also has an interactive feature between team members. As the trailer suggests, teammates can become a springboard for you to rise to high positions to gain a vision advantage against enemies. If this is true, the teamwork in Knives Out Plus will take it to a whole new level, not to mention opening up different tactical options for players. Currently, NetEase is still tight-lipped about the launch date of Knives Out Plus, but one thing is quite certain that the game will be released for free for gamers. When Knives Out Plus Launched, Emergenceingame.Com will update the game download address for readers as soon as possible.

Knives Out Plus game trailer.

If readers want to try the original Mobile version first Knives Out You can also download the game for free here:​

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