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Professional Overwatch gamer banned for mysterious reasons on Stream

Fans of Overwatch feel confused when tanker OGE must receive ban are from Twitch on 11/21, with some suggesting it may have been a mistake.

It seems that this ban may have originated from an incident that occurred when OGE are live streamand is said to have made a comment against a streamer named Flocculencywas originally thought to be sexist.

On November 17, Flocculency referred to OGE for sexism in a series of now-deleted tweets.


“OGE called me a man and then ruined the session stream mine. This wasn’t even just uncensored conversation, he said things he shouldn’t have said. I have never seen a man delete a vod so quickly, you are pathetic.”

However, a day later, Flocculency posted on Twitter explained that she had contacted OGE to resolve the issue. Apparently, due to the language barrier, he was misunderstood as a sexist.

Also on November 17, a number of viewers visited Flocculency’s channel after OGE attached the link in his chat. Many of these viewers clearly had bad intentions, but came to OGE’s stream from another streamer’s server, so it’s not his own community.

Flocculency said in a follow-up tweet that “he didn’t know many of the words he was using” and he wasn’t aware that attaching a link to her chat would create unwarranted attacks.


Photo on OGE’s Twitch account

“Sorry to those of you who hated and especially sent threats to @OGE_ow”she wrote before locking down her Twitter account. “He doesn’t know many of the words he’s using or that posting a link to my chat would incite an attack like that. He didn’t mean it at all when I spoke to him and I forgive him.”

Flocculency said in another thread that both sides have apologized (OGE has apologized for being careless about unintentionally creating an unwanted attack, Flocculency has apologized for the original tweet and threats sent out). to him), everything was fine. The talk this past weekend ended with her saying that she forgave him completely.

Although the situation is clearly being resolved between the two streamers, OGE still forbidden on 11/21. Flocculency posted a tweet later expressing that she had no idea why he was banned.


On Twitter, OGE expressed disappointment to Twitch that his VOD could not be restored. He then “scoffed” asking Twitch if he could stream if he tried to learn more English, and then thanked Twitch for giving him the opportunity to get three days of TV shows. Korea during the time when banned.

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