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Co Kiem Tinh Duyen: The ultimate sword dance for love language fans is about to be released in early December

It must be said that at the end of 2019, the game launch race of publishers is increasingly fierce with many high-quality products, most of which focus on the role-playing game series with many elements mixing between swordplay and combat. First half. Obviously, sword dance-themed games are not out of that trend and SohaGame’s first “explosion” to start this race is Ancient Sword of Love.

True to the name, Co Kiem Tinh Duyen is a strong sword dance masterpiece in terms of marriage and player interaction.

If anyone has ever been a fan of the sword dance genre, they must know that this is a light game series, with a deep storyline that is not heavy on fighting each other, nor challenging players through dozens of items. It’s all about an easily accessible gameplay experience with simple, easy-to-understand quest lines and often auto.

Accessible gameplay, simple operation, and many activities are the strong points of the sword dance game series

Ancient Sword Love Duyen takes players into an ancient fairy-tale world of the chaotic period, where the battle between evil gods and fairies takes place throughout the three worlds. The game does not divide many sects but only 2 male and female characters, each character will have a different set of skills and attributes that complement each other in many activities.

Ancient Sword Love Duyen is set in an ancient setting, so there is no sect, only Sword Fairy and Sword Co

Obviously, a sword dance game for people who love fairy tales and love languages, then Co Kiem Tinh Duyen must have a deep marriage system. There are 3 main types of marriage: Vinh Ket Dong Tam, Kim Ngoc Luong Duyen and Than Tien Quyen Lu… the quality of the wedding depends on the “spending” of the couple.

Ancient Sword Love Duyen is one of the rare sword dance games that have… action scenes

Indeed, in this game, players not only get to be married for a hundred years, but also can… give birth to children and raise them up. The children will be called Tien Oa and taken care of in a common interface dedicated to the couple, where there are many family features such as the Tree of Destiny, Vibration, Qua Ai Love …

After finishing the room, you have to raise the Fairy Oa, this is also a very rare feature in today’s role-playing games

In addition to possessing an extremely impressive marriage interface, Co Kiem Tinh Duyen also offers the highlight of inter-server PvP features, which is something that many sword dance games currently do not have. If you want to do personal PvP and confirm your level, you must definitely join the Emperor General Soai, becoming the Hoang Co Thien De, who holds the highest position in the three worlds.

Hoang Co Thien De is the highest fairy in the three worlds, standing above ten thousand fairies and being respected

And if you want to participate in the great battlefields of thousands of people, go to the Battlefield of Tien Ma, where players of both sides have the opportunity to “fight” with each other comfortably without slipping. The more enemies you kill, the more points you have for your side, the bigger the reward. If you want to climb the rank, you can join the Peak Duel, want to succeed, go to the Royal Citadel … and many other interesting features.

Co Kiem Tinh Duyen owns a lot of inter-server PvP activities that are enough for gamers to “plow” all day without getting bored

In addition to the diverse PvP system, Co Kiem Tinh Duyen has the power to satisfy any female gamer with tons of eye-catching fashion items. Wings, mounts and Pets are all very beautiful and “terrible” items, their magnificence is a testament to the level and predestination of the players in the server.

The fashion of Co Kiem Tinh Duyen is diverse and extremely “cool”, helping players show their position in the server

It is expected that Co Kiem Tinh Duyen will be released around the beginning of December, interested gamers can find out at the fanpage:

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