League of Legends: Riot will reset all jungle monsters during Pre-Season 2021

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A few hours ago, the latest changes to the forest at Pre-Season 2021 was Riot Mark Yetter – team leader of gameplay design League of Legends – announced. According to the representative of Riot Games shared, the purpose of these changes is to make it easier for new players to get used to the jungle.


Riot Mark Yetter: “One more version overview before we go into beta – Relatively small changes to the jungle:
Diversify the jungle ring by making the campsites have the same amount of defense.
Clarified a few mechanics to help new players learn how to jungle.
Lighten the power of kite flying forest monster.

They are detailed below:


  • All campsites will have 20 armor and magic resistance that increase with level, health will be slightly tweaked to balance trade. We’re not leaving campsites with 0 armor or magic resist to keep the true damage useful and make armor penetration/magic resist valuable.

  • The amount of health is fine-tuned

  • Spell Fields: Reduced from 2100-3675 to 1800-3150.

  • Thanh Tinh Toad: Reduced from 2100-3450 to 1650-2640.

  • Big Wolf: Reduced from 1300-2275 to 1200-2200.

  • Little Wolf: Increased from 450-680 to 480-888.

  • Big Bird: Increased from 700-1225 to 800-1760.

  • Small Birds: Increased from 400-680 to 425-723.

  • Big Kicker: Reduced from 1250-2188 to 1050-1785. Small and small kickers will not change the amount of health.

  • Crazy Crab: Reduced from 1200-2560 to 1000-2134 (adds shield equal to 60% health).


  • Quirky Crab: Now gains a shield equal to 60% health instead of 60 armor and magic resistance. When controlled, this shield disappears, no longer restoring health and mana to the defeated.

  • Thanh Tinh Toad: No longer increases attack speed for the first 3 attacks and deals 50% more damage, now restores health and mana to the kill. Tweaked base damage increased from 70 to 80. Interaction damage ratio for levels 1-18 reduced from 1x-3.7x to 1x-3.16x.

  • Stoneman: Make eating the little stone people worth the time. The amount of experience gained from eating a small stone person decreased from 18-24.3 to 10-13.5, gold decreased from 13 to 7. The amount of experience gained from eating a small stone person increased from 14-18.9 to 18-24.3, the amount of gold increased. from 9 to 12.

Camps run speed increased to reduce kite flying power

  • Wolf Beach: Increased from 450 to 525.

  • Big Bird: Increased from 350 to 450.

  • Small Birds: Increased from 450 to 525.

  • Blue buff: Increased from 180 to 275 (Red buff is the same).

  • Big Kicker: Increased from 185 to 250.

  • Missed Kickers: Increased from 285 to 350.

  • Small Stone Man: Increased from 335 to 400″.

Can speak nerf Targeting the Quirky Crab is huge as the field no longer heals the slayer for health and mana. This causes the value of Weird Crab to be reduced quite a lot, besides jungler It’s also hard to keep the health too good because you no longer get almost free healing from this camp. Perhaps the upcoming 2021 Pre-Season will see a huge change in the jungle with this change.

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