Vista Golf – A mobile game that is easy to entertain but “addicted” is unbelievable

Sometimes in the virtual world there are too many shooting games that confuse the screen, which makes players feel overloaded. Although they bring a thrilling experience of heat, sometimes they inadvertently drain the energy inside each person.. and in times like these we need something to regain our refreshment and relaxation. relax for yourself.

Yes that is Vista Golf, the game has the theme of golf but presented in a completely different style. Instead of following the sport direction with brainy Golf matches, Vista Golf brings players to beautiful and gentle little puzzles that are ready to entice you into the game for hours.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

However, Vista Golf still carries the basic rules of golf with the goal of putting the ball into the hole with as few hits as possible. But the field of the game is not flat or wide like on TV we still see. Instead, each level is a winding road with many different obstacles. You will have to use your creativity and calculation to make the golf ball fly to the hole. Too weak, you will waste the number of hits.. Too strong the golf ball will launch straight into the deep sea.


Vista Golf is a gentle game.. in terms of configuration and player experience, an absolute relaxing product that you cannot ignore. Vista Golf is now available on both Android and iOS, ready for readers to download the game for free directly here:



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