Post-TI8 Rumors: OpTic, Mineski, and Newbee Might Disband

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While everything about The International 2018 is over, esports has never stopped. After every major season, the transfer process begins to happen in preparation for the next Dota 2 season.

Redditor madibariddim, who previously correctly predicted the Evil Geniuses lineup 3 months ago, has now once again offered his commitment to the impending changes to the squads. reputation.

However, this information may not be accurate, but it is worth discussing and monitoring.

OpTic Gaming, Mineski and Newbee disband Dota 2 roster

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Despite ending the tournament in the main event of TI8, this was not enough to save the OpTic, Mineski, and Newbee roster. All 3 teams are expected to disband after this TI8.

Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses and keep their rosters

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The top 4 players Liquid and EG will continue to stay in the organization after proving themselves in the tournament. It’s a bit surprising that the VP lineup “will have a small change but overall will remain the same”, despite falling short of the expectations set out at TI8 last.

VGJ became the center of the storm

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Many rumors revolved around VGJ.Storm after TI8. It was reported that the team kicked Sneyking and acquired UNiVeRsE. In addition, OpTic looks like it will take over this lineup after the current OpTic Gaming team disbands.

Team Secret needs a new key member

Team Secret is currently missing 1 member for the new lineup. While MidOne, zai, Yapz0r will continue to stay with Puppey.

W33, Abed and Ace leave their teams

W33, Abed and Ace will be leaving the current roster, with Abed and w33 looking to create a new team with CC&C, however we have no word on what organization these boys will represent.

In the end, all of the above information is just a rumor, so don’t worry too much. There is still quite a bit of time before official announcements and signatures are put in place. For example, madibarddim initially said MidOne was leaving Secret, but the player later denied this:

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