Can you get Specter arcana for free from the Nemestice Battle Pass?

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Some games like Fortnite and Apex Legends give players the chance to plow through all the rewards in the battle pass, but Dota 2 has never been like that. So is the Nemetice Battle Pass any different this time around?

The best rewards from recent The International Battle Passes are often in the hundreds of dollars. This hasn’t really changed in Nemetice. The biggest rewards from the Battle Pass in Dota 2 are completely out of reach even if the player completes all of its challenges.

The possibility that Valve could change the Battle Pass TI to smaller Battle Pass events, as we’re seeing with Nemestice, is really bad news for gamers. Below is a breakdown of how many levels players can get without buying levels, and how much more we need to spend to get items like hero persona Davion of Dragon Hold and Specter arcana.

How many free levels can you get from the Nemestice Battle Pass?

At the time of writing, players can reach 103 levels in the Nemetice Battle Pass for free. Here is a detailed breakdown of how these levels are earned:

  • 31 levels come from Cavern Crawl rewards
  • 12 levels come from weekly bonus points in Nemestice game mode
  • 60 levels from weekly rewards

Cavern Crawl is like Battle Pass TI9. The Nemetice Battle Pass features a challenging maze that requires you to play a variety of heroes, using items you’ve earned to make exploration easier. Each completed hero opens up a new storage area or rewards BP 250 or 2000. The total reward points in a cavern crawl is 31,250 BP, which is a little over 31 levels.

Players can get an extra 1,500 BP from playing the Nemetice mode every week, now lasting for 8 weeks. Total 12 levels.

Free levels can be earned from weekly challenges. Instead of just one challenge per week, players have multiple options to collect 7,500 BP, reaching a total of 60 levels in 8 weeks.

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Those are all free levels for now, but maybe Valve will update more in the future. The Nemestic Battle Pass coincides with The International 2021, so it’s possible we’ll have a crossover event between them.

Previously, Valve also extended the battle pass time or gave free players when the server crashed or had problems. This may happen again.

How much is the Specter arcana really worth?

Spectre arcana Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

If you earn 103 levels by completing 100% of the challenges, you will still have to pay well over $100 to unlock Specter arcana at level 330. This is quite a lot of money, especially if the frequency of battle passes is regular. more in the near future.

It’s understandable that Valve releases high-quality cosmetics that require payment, but is the price we pay really worth it?

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