League of Legends: China beat South Korea to win the 2018 Asian Games gold

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Today, the Chinese League of Legends team defeated the Korean team at the 2018 League of Legends Asian Games Finals. With this 3-1 victory, China won the Gold Medal, but because this year’s League of Legends game only As a performance event, this medal is not included in the achievement of the sports team at ASIAD.

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By devoting resources to bot lane, China relied on Uzi’s strength to win. Although Korea tried very hard to reverse the situation, it had to accept defeat after 4 matches, winning the silver medal in the end.

In the 3rd place match, Taiwan defeated Saudi Arabia with a score of 3-1. In game 1, the Arab team won thanks to two cards Olaf in the top lane and Syndra in the bot lane. However, in the remaining matches, Taiwan showed the level of a major region and finished the tournament with a Bronze Medal.

In game 1 of the Finals, China got off to a strong start. By constantly putting pressure on Faker’s Ryze, the Chinese team got the first Victory point. Although Kiin has both kills and turrets in the top lane, Letme is the one to come to support his teammates better in teamfights. In the late game teamfights, the Chinese bot lane pair accurately controlled in key situations, so that Uzi’s Varus could freely deal damage.

Korea was the winner in game 2. They got an early advantage by constantly taking out the Chinese mid laner Xiye. Although China’s bot lane had the advantage, the outcome of the match was decided through a single fight. With Kindred in the hands of Score, the Korean team was able to control the aggressiveness of the Chinese side. After getting both dragon and Baron, Korea pushed into the top lane and destroyed China’s Main House.

In game 3, China once again poured resources into bot lane. From the beginning, the Chinese team focused on attacking Ruler’s Varus. With support from the jungler and top lane, Uzi got a lot of kills. With an extremely pale Xayah, China won game 3 to lead 2-1.

In the decisive game, Korea rose up strongly with Faker and Orianna as the leader. However, every time Baron is about to appear, a member of the Korean side is arrested individually. With the Baron buff, China pushed all three lanes and was constantly looking for teamfights. After destroying South Korean Soldiers one by one, the Chinese team won the final teamfight of the tournament and claimed the League of Legends Gold Medal.

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