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Poke Origin: Charmander excels in the starter Pokemon trilogy


After more than a week of official launch, up to the present time Poke Origin was very busy and vibrant. Thereby, almost all coaches have equipped themselves with Pokemon cross the border with you. Starting with the very familiar Pokemon trio including Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, trainers can choose for themselves one of the three to fight alongside in the early game and even later. Besides, all three are very strong Pokemon and each has their own unique advantages. After more than a week of launch, according to the survey, it can be found that Charmander dragon is chosen by the most gamers, let’s explore the reasons together!

High damage

This is one of the factors that makes Charmander stand out from the rest. If for Bulbasaur is the ability to withstand and poison, Squirtle balances damage and resistance, Charmander owns the highest damage in the early game. This will make it easier for coaches to pass. In the late game Charmander proved to be a bit weaker but still very scary when Mega evolution.

Recommended accessory: Wood Charcoal (Increases Fire skill damage)


High speed

This is also one of the strengths and good points of Poke Origin. At Poke Origin, speed dictates a Pokemon’s front and back moves and gives it an absolutely massive advantage. With high base speed, Charmander can easily go ahead of the opponent to finish the opponent before the opponent can react.

Mega Charizard X, Charmander’s highest evolutionary rank

Currently, most of the coaches have completed their own basic lineup, how about you? Immediately experience the hottest Poke Origin H5 game of 2019!

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