League of Legends creator apologizes for Champion design being too sexy

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Riot Games previously stated that female champions would not follow a sexy style if they were not forced to follow the image of legendary characters. This means that Ahri or Evelynn can completely go in the “attractive” direction by relying on images like the Fox or Vi Devil .. while the Warrior-style Champions like Irelia or Leona do not. .


However, right after greeting the field Kai’Sa, Riot Games does the exact opposite. This makes many gamers, especially female gamers, feel disgusted by Riot Games’ swallowing their words. This issue is immediately reflected in the Ask Riot section on the official website when the developer directly confronts the player’s question.


There, a representative of Riot shared that the design of Kai’Sa was completely accidental. The original intention of the design team was to specify an uncorrupt Kai’Sa. However, the combination of hair and clothes has the opposite result. Therefore, the design of the collar to reveal more skin allows Kai’Sa to show that he still has a human body.. However, that change inadvertently makes this Champion become sexier, and it is the change. Therefore, Riot apologizes to the fans.

Riot Games representative said.


You can see the full details of Riot Games’ fan response here:

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