PlayStation fares ahead of Nintendo and Xbox, becoming a huge brand

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The PlayStation brand is already very popular and very “popular” in the UK. Although Sega entered the UK market early, the PS1 was still the first console and became a legend. After years of hard work, Sony has done a great job of giving players the best feeling and experience, and that’s why PlayStation has almost become a familiar name for gaming titles. on consoles today.


Recently, the foreign trademark agency “Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index” released its rankings of UK regional brands in 2018 and Sony PlayStation came in at third place, just behind Apple and Lego. This means that in the UK, the main game-specific brand is PlayStation, surpassing both Xbox and Nintendo.


In addition, receiving such high rankings means that PlayStation is more recognized and known by the public than other well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Microsoft and Google.

As for other brands in the gaming industry, Nintendo is at 11th place and almost broke into the top 10, while Xbox ranks 17th behind Nintendo. This is quite surprising because the UK market has never been so “favorite” with Nintendo.

Top 10 ranking brands:

1. Apple
2. Lego
3. PS
4. Google
5. Netflix
6. Fitbit
7. Spotify
8. Amazon
9. NHS
10. Android

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