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The 8-year-old girl achieved a super terrible rank on Overwatch, making gamers “gasp”

In play games, being beaten by a child can be an insult. However, the amount children Nowadays choosing games like Fortnite increasing, more and more experienced players on being beaten by the kids.

Overwatch This is the game that children are aiming for.


A user named Speakeasyow has posted his Overwatch results daughter His 8 years old surprised everyone.

Young gunman Snowowlete was in tears with his support position, winning five consecutive matches on a new account. This gave kid, little girl 2882 ​​SR, bring her up straight rank Platinum and just over 100 SR from Diamond rank.


Snowowelete played Moira and Ana as a support. However, it’s still a respectable achievement for a kid who can play Overwatch with such ease.

Though not without help. Speakeasy make sure that Daughter His guide was during play, enlisting the help of a friend to give her some advice a few times a week for the past 12 months.

To keep her safe from the “bad” players she might encounter while ranked, she only uses in-game trades when she’s playing with her dad. This often surprises many of Snowowlete’s teammates, who are often intimidated because she only listens to her father.

It’s a big step up from her position in 2018. Snowowlete started that season at Silver with a skill stat of 1605 SR. She then attempted to reach 1900 SR, before slipping down to Bronze.


Her record after that was not very impressive, only having two wins in 10 games. So it looks like all the guidance over the past 12 months has paid off.

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