Twitch CEO apologizes to Ninja after using his channel to promote black movies

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The CEO of the streaming platform Twitch apologized to Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins after ‘s old channel streamer This is used to promote other users’ content – including pornographic videos.

Ninja is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, but he went to rival service platform Mixer part of Microsoft on August 1. At the moment, this streamer’s Twitch page is offline, with the home screen inactive and archived content available for viewing. However, since Ninja “left his shirt” to now, Twitch is trying to do something different.

Instead of hosted content, Ninja’s Twitch channel shows a message saying the streamer is in “another castle” – a Mario-related detail – and a list of other streaming channels about Fortnite, the game that gave the name “Ninja”. Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem, a member of the YouTube channel Drama Alert, discovered that one of the suggested channels was showing pornography. Daniel tweeted a screenshot as proof, which you can see at this (warning: content with NSFW elements)


This was the last straw for Ninja and the streamer posted a video from his own Twitch channel – He expressed “I have nothing to say in this case” and apologized to anyone saw the above porn channel.

Ninja points out that he spent eight years building a community of 14.5 million people on Twitch and accuses the platform of not treating other departed streamers the same way it does its own channel: “they don’t promote other online broadcasts, other popular channels, but they do on my channel. […] We’re trying to shut down the entire old Twitch channel, or at least not promote streamers and other channels on my brand, under my name.”

The move prompted Twitch CEO Emmett Shear to issue an apology. Referring to the apparent policy change to the old Ninja site, he explained that “our community comes to Twitch looking for live content. To help ensure users can find it. quality channels, we’ve tested by showing recommended content across the entire Twitch platform, including on streamer’s channels that are offline.”


“This helps all streamers to create new community connections. However, lewd content appearing on Ninja’s offline channel seriously violates our terms of service and we have permanently locked it. related accounts. We’ve also suspended recommending channels while investigating how these were promoted.”

This raises the question of whether such promotions can be continued in the future. Mr. Shear concluded his tweet: “I would like to apologize directly to Ninja for the incident. That was not our original intention, but the incident happened and the fault is entirely on our part. “

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