Playing the Net lacks money, the young man is kept by the shop owner as a janitor to clear the debt

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Playing the net without money, debt, or no money to pay must have been a “normal” thing that any net business person has experienced, even many times can not help but make bosses, our mistress must be angry, laughing to tears.

Of course, in cases like this, each person will have a different way of handling it. With a small amount, it is not worth talking about, but when the amount is too much, the shop owners will also use strong measures to claim. It is often required to leave identification or valuables on the person so that the guest can then bring money to ransom. However, to the point where there is “nothing to hold”, it is difficult for net owners to keep their composure any longer. In fact, there has been a case where gamers who lacked net money were brutally beaten by the owner to vent their anger.

But in the case shared below, the owner net shop This situation has a completely different way of handling it, there is no need to move, use force or shout at all, but still feel some relief from anger, which is to force the “debtor” to stay as laborer. clean up the toilet to get rid of the toilet.


This tragic case was photographed by the owner of the net shop and shared on an exchange group for people. net business. Specifically, this young man came to play the net with more than 100 thousand, but he did not have a penny, nor did he have any identification papers. Not only sitting idle, he also ordered the whole country, the food was magnificent.​

After sharing, there were quite a few comments in support of this method of the shop owner, it is well worth the lost money, also taking the opportunity to face the muddy guests.

This is considered a “memorable life” lesson not only for the guy or any gamer who has no money but has a thick face at the net shop, but also a bloody experience for the net shop owner. be alert when facing a case like this, handle it wisely, don’t get too angry!​

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