Fortnite Mobile earns 2.2 trillion in just 90 days

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It is clear that Fortnite is the biggest rival of PUBG, partly because of the business model of this game. There Fortnite does not require gamers to spend any money to play, but if you want beautiful skin layers or unique emotes, gamers have to spend money in real life. This helps Fortnite earn a huge amount of money, shown by how aggressively Epic Games spends in hit events.


But that is not only shown with the version on PC / Console but even with Mobile that has just been released not long ago. Only landed on the App Store for 3 months and still labeled “experimental” but Fortnite Mobile has become the golden egg laying hen of Epic Games. Accordingly, the review company Sensor Tower has just revealed that Fortnite Mobile has earned 100 million USD, or about 2.2 trillion VND.. within 90 days of operation.


This is indeed a huge number for a Mobile Game that has not been officially released. However, seeing this, some gamers will not be disappointed because Fortnite Mobile still does not have an Android version. Hopefully Epic Games will soon put its super product on Google Play to expand its power and community even more.


Readers can join the Fortnite and Fortnite Mobile communities to “look forward” to the Android version here:

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