Do You Copy? – You will die if… save people in a super toxic horror game

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Imagine you are a ranger who manages the reserve nightly. However, this sanctuary is unlike any other place you have ever worked.. Simply because this place is still witnessing a series of mysterious disappearances taking place every month and the population is still rumored about it. A half-human, half-goat monster lurks somewhere in the darkness of the forest.

That day you start your shift like any other night, which starts at watchtower number 4. You know you can’t give up your post because maybe some stupid climber will get lost in the area. conservation and need your help. And as if being teased by the devil, right after that, the Radio started with the helpless voice of a stranger calling for help.. “Please help me, this is the only channel I can catch..” – He speak. “There’s something chasing me.. save me.. I don’t know the way..”.


Maybe just a bear, you thought.. and calmly led the stranger back to his tower to wait for last night. However, as the story with him goes further, you sense something strange in this man’s voice. And from here.. you begin to discover a truth behind that lost person, about the ghost that still haunts this forest and about your own destiny.


‘s gameplay Do You Copy? fully shown through that introduction when the player only holds a single task on the watchtower: that is to guide the person in distress to his tower. Using the map, the headlights, and the stranger’s description, you’ll select lines on the screen to point the right way. Do You Copy? Although quite simple in terms of gameplay, it contains many interesting endings.. depending on your actions and answers. You can choose to show them the way to their correct location and bring along the creatures that are chasing them.. or just go the wrong way to witness the consequences caused by you.

Do You Copy? is a title horror game indie is so much fun.. and it’s free for anyone who feels brave enough to give it a try. The game is now available on Windows PC and Mac, ready for readers to download right here:​

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