Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds gamers need to notice these changes!

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The newly updated survival shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has brought about many important changes, from the way of shooting to driving, aiming from far or aiming at close range. Requires gamers to pay close attention, otherwise “lose their life” extremely quickly. Specifically, the following changes should be noted:

Game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Can no longer use Space + C to dance

Now, gamers cannot use keys Space + C to dance. When using the key Space + C will rush out of the window very quickly, and at the same time you can shoot if you meet the enemy, so many people like to use this key.

Add shift mode

Car 3 no longer goes from 0km to 1xx km, but has a gearshift mode just like in real life. There are about 2-3 breaks to shift gears from 1 to 4, and with the sound.

Change the look of Scope X8

Scope X8 interface now has 1 more small circle, which can be used instead of X4. If you are in the view mode, using the mouse wheel will adjust the zoom distance, zoom close. Extremely suitable for those who like to use Scope for mapping.

Scope X8 interface now has 1 more small circle

Balo loading bar

By default, the bar shows the backpack’s load will be max. If you press the key Tab Pointing up, then pointing to the item you want to pick up will always show the load of that item when entering the backpack by 1 red space.

Other changes

  • K98 bullets are dropped more.
  • The gunfire is hard to hear exactly where, if the sound is reduced, the bass is louder.
  • Under the water there is now a deeper pool.
  • The sound of drifting is very interesting.
  • Dmg M16 is increased, Dmg UMP is also increased.
  • AKM is less recoil but it’s vertical, and horizontal increases. When trying to pinch the mind, I did not get a lot of bullets, but it turned out that the two sides were quite big.
  • The colors in the game are much darker, feeling more grass and thicker.

Game darker

These are some of the very important changes in PUBG, you should keep in mind when you experience this latest version. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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