League of Legends champions are picked a lot but have a low win rate in the 2018 Preseason

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League of Legends Pre-Season, where games are more entertaining, with no fierce competitive ranking modes left, all gamers can freely try out new gameplay or choose from General at his disposal. However, choosing according to preference is one thing, how effective it is. Today Download.vn will check out the heavily picked mid lane generals, but the win rate is very low in the 2018 Preseason.

League of Legends mid lane champions are picked a lot but have a low win rate in the 2018 Preseason

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1. Ryze


Dubbed is Rune Mage – Ryze. Has become a fairly popular champion after being able to Faker Performing magic skills. LOL gamers regularly choose, practice and hope to partly reappear their skills Demon Lord Faker. Ryze is a prime example of a champion with inversely proportional win and ban ratios.

Being in the Top 10 and having a rate of 8.84% in total matches, Ryze is indeed not bad in the Top 10 position at all, but the nature of this general is very difficult and picky players, difficult moves. So Ryze’s win rate is always pathetically low, even in the group “underdog” the rankings with the current percentage is only possible. 45.43%.

On Ryze’s skill, let’s talk first about main damage skill Q Overload Easy to be shielded will not easily hit important targets during fighting, so this skill requires players to calculate, choose the right time to launch the move must be very clever, the last move Vortex Space Mutant skills are high but players also have to spend brain matter to effectively control.

2. Syndra


Syndra, a top mid laner general for the past two years, is also having trouble adapting to the changes in the 2018 Preseason. 6.89% but the odds of winning are down to only a level 46.98% compared to pre-season is 49.91%. Syndra is a magician quite diverse in terms of gameplay, but in fact, this general’s skill is not like that, all 4 of Syndra’s skills are in the form of strong bursts of damage, but disadvantaged because there are no moves to escaping, so Syndra hardly had a chance of victory if she was accidentally approached by the enemy.

Current appearance of the system super gem The new imbalance caused the power of the mid lane mages to be unbalanced. Forcing Syndra’s reign to weaken rapidly. Now, Syndra’s strongest point lies in the ability to stack strong damage, but currently Syndra is easily countered by the appearance of the gem. Electric shock or Mysterious Meteorite makes Syndra vulnerable to “bullying” with powerful shock damage.

My great skill and greatest advantage suddenly became a popular weapon, anyone can do it. Not to mention the multipurpose group using Aery Summoning Gems is also extremely powerful. It must be said that the position of the Queen of Darkness has never been as difficult as it is now.

3. Lucian


This sniper used to be HOT mid lane pick during the second half of the 2017 season in solo queue and pro arena mode. Is the ideal mid laner for style win lane – win game. However, Lucian has not been able to maintain his position lately due to the appearance of intense nerfs, making him less effective than before, despite being seen in many games. Player selects with a good rate 5.41%.

Minor editing skills increase cooldowns E End of Destruction has pulled down the power of the whole set of moves. The cooldown is too long at early ranks for Lucian to have limited use E, Completely reduce the skills of avoiding moves, attacking predominant opponents like before. Mid lane Lucian’s win rate is at 42.56%, very low.

4. Yasuo


Yes, the famous general is called The Unforgettable is completely dominating all picks since the 2018 Preseason. There are no more bans that make players enter the game with a comfortable, YOLO mentality, there’s nothing to stop this champion from taking his life. opponent and full coverage on the Arena of Justice.

With selected ratio 9.12%, Mid laner Yasuo is holding 6th and is the most picked in top lane. With strong and beautiful physical damage fighting style with magical road surfing, playing well in positions like Solo Top, Mid by Yasuo for a large number of players Pick Lock without hesitation.

Yasuo’s win rate is also maintained with stability 46.9%. But the generals are extremely difficult to play, requiring a lot of subjective and objective conditions, so although Yasuo appears a lot, the effectiveness always makes it difficult for his teammates to understand and ask many questions. Well then, please take advantage of this time with Yasuo go. By the time the ranking season returns, it will be difficult for Yasuo to overcome the 10 ban that may appear.

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