How to fix Wi-Fi errors on PlayStation 4

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Wi-Fi error on PlayStation 4 extremely annoying, making it difficult to enjoy online games or download updates. If cannot connect to Wi-Fi on PS4You can’t even join your friends to join your clan or find games on the PlayStation store.

If you are facing this situation, please join us to find out How to fix slow, unstable or lost Wi-Fi on PS4 Please!

How to fix Wi-Fi errors on PlayStation 4

1. Restart the console and router

This is an effective solution in all situations of network loss. Alternatively, you can clear many temporary errors this way. Therefore, this is the first step to take.

Reboot the network by rebooting the router (and the modem if you have its own device). Just unplug the power cord, wait a few minutes and then plug it back in.

After it starts to backup, reboot the PS3 by pressing and holding the button PS on the controller to open Quick Menu. Here, open the section Power and choose Restart PS4. Make sure not selected Enter Rest Mode – This is in a weak state, so the system is not turned off completely.

Quick Menu on PS4

Once everything has restarted, try connecting the PS4 to Wi-Fi again. If that doesn’t work, make sure you can be online on another computer or device. Read on to the tip below if the problem is only on PS4. If not, this problem is probably caused by a network error from the carrier.

2. Run PS4 network test

If restarting the network fails to fix the Wi-Fi error on your PS4, you can perform an Internet test to find out more information about the cause of the problem. On PlayStation 4, come Settings> Network> Test Internet Connection.

This will run a short test and display Successful or Failed for the following problems:

  • Obtain IP Address: The status of receiving IP address from router. If it fails, the PS4 cannot connect to the router.
  • Internet Connection: Successful when PS4 can connect to the Internet. If it fails, the problem lies with the router and the Internet.
  • PlayStation Network Sign-In: Check the system that can reach PlayStation Network. If that fails, you are probably using the PlayStation Network key. Although less likely, the error may arise due to Sony.
Internet connection test report

If the computer passes these 3 tests, the PS4 can be online. However, a few additional data points might be helpful:

  • NAT Type: PlayStation uses a confusing system, in which the NAT type can be Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.
    • Type 1: The system is connected directly to the Internet.
    • Type 2: You are connected to the Internet via a router, which means that most people will see it.
    • Type 3: The system cannot use all the necessary ports, so it often causes unstable errors.
  • Connection Speed ​​(Download): Estimated data download speed of PS4. If the PS4’s Wi-Fi is slow, it will be reflected here.

Now that you have a better understanding of this issue, here are the steps to fix Wi-Fi on PS4.

3. Confirm information about Wi-Fi

If the system fails to connect to the router, the Obtain IP Address test will fail. In this case, you should be sure to know the correct Wi-Fi network information.

Next Settings> Network> Set Up Internet Connection> Use Wi-Fi> Easy and perform the above steps again to reconnect to the network. When doing this, make sure you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password.

Establish a Wi-Fi connection

If you prefer, you can try changing the DNS settings to use a third-party network provider. Here’s how to do it: select Custom Easy replacement. You do not need to tweak any other options. Choose Automatic for IP Address Settings, already Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

In the screen DNS Settings, choose Manual and enter the information for the alternate DNS server. If in doubt, use it Primary DNS was and Secondary DNS was for Google’s public DNS servers.

Establish DNS network connection

Confirm the information, then select Automatic for MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server. Now you can test the connection again.

4. Improve the stability of weak Wi-Fi

While using Wi-Fi is convenient, it may get interference. If you are having problems with the network connection or the speed is slow, you can improve the weak connection as follows:

  • Move the PS4 closer to the router: You can see the signal strength at Settings> Network> View Connection Status on PS4> find the item Signal Strength.
  • Noise reduction: Wi-Fi cannot transmit waves well through metal, concrete, or thick surfaces. Wi-Fi may also decrease when you work near a microwave oven, baby tracker or other similar device using the same frequency. Try connecting the PS4 directly to the router and moving other devices out of the office if possible.
  • Restrict other devices from using the network: Turn off the network on unnecessary devices, especially when they are downloading large files, playing 4K videos …

You might be wondering if the PS4 can connect to the 5GHz band on the router. In fact, the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro can use this band, but the original PS4 model can’t. Compared to 2.4GHz, 5GHz connections are usually faster and don’t get too much network interference, but don’t move too far from the router.

5. Make sure PlayStation Network is available

PSN status

If the PlayStation Network is down, it will prevent you from connecting to online services. Although this rarely happens, you should still check the PlayStation Network’s status (especially if the PlayStation Network Sign-In fails in the first place).

Check Sony’s PSN status to make sure everything has a green light. You can also do this on PS4 now Settings> Network> View Status of PlayStation Network Services.

6. Review the router settings

Router settings

If the problem persists, it is possible that something in the router is blocking the PS4 online. If your NAT Type is Type 3, you need port forwarding in the router so that the PS4 can communicate properly.

Make sure you are not restricting router traffic for PS4 (e.g. parental ban or MAC filtering option). With NAT type 3 or having problem with certain games, you need to forward to the appropriate port on the router. Visit the Sony support page to see the port to be forwarded for PSN services and check the documentation for the specific game for the correct port.

7. Try connecting to the router’s guest network

Login to the guest network

It may sound strange, but in fact some users have effectively applied this way, especially on the original PS4 model. Try activating the guest network on the router and connecting it on the PS4.

At first, the connection was not working. To fix it, you need to open the Internet browser on PS4 and log in with the guest network password. After that, continue online as usual.

8. Connect the Ethernet cable

All of the above will be useful when the PS4’s Wi-Fi signal is too weak or not working, the wired network connection is always better and more stable with faster data rates.

Above are all ways to fix Wi-Fi on PS4. If you know any other way, please share with offline!

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