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What’s new in the Rules Of Survival update on April 25?

Just follow the schedule, Rules Of Survival will be maintained and updated once a week. The Rules Of Survival update on April 25 adds a Coaching Manual, optimizing some features for a smoother experience. Please follow the update details in the following article:

Rules Of Survival: Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival

Details of the Update Rules Of Survival on April 25

New content

  • Add a big gift package (Bumper Pack), each player can only buy 1 time.
  • Added a “Coaching Handbook” system, associated with the season, extending the season until the end of the season.
  • After using GP to buy Training Handbook, you will receive 2 Training quests every day, accumulate up to 3 quests, if there are more than 3 uncompleted quests, you will not receive a new quest. Completing the Training quest will receive the corresponding Training points to increase the Training level. After leveling up, you will receive a corresponding reward. Players can purchase Special Medals to receive richer level up rewards.
  • There is a Special Supply in the Training Handbook to receive costume pieces, masks …

Basic experience

  • When the character gets close to the wall, the weapon will be retrieved.
  • Optimized character movements in the 3rd perspective.
  • Optimized gun exchange movements.
  • Fashion interface will show the character’s gender outfits by default.
  • When a team member exits, will automatically cancel the availability of all members.
  • In the Friends leaderboard all friends are displayed.

Update interface

  • Optimized interface select server, lobby, summarize, make quick friends, recharge.

Error correction

  • Correct slippage errors when picking up props.

At 14:00 – 16:00 on April 25, 2018, gamers will be welcome to see the above changes. In addition to the PC version, you can also experience Rules Of Survival on the phone:

Rules of Survival for Android Rules of Survival for iOS

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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