Black Desert Mobile reveals a series of super awesome features no less than the PC version

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Black Desert Online is one of the titles MMORPG has the best graphics on PC.. That’s why when this Korean masterpiece hit the mobile platform, the gaming community was boiling crazy. That heat is pushed even higher when gamers have the opportunity to witness firsthand the graphic strength of the Mobile version, proving that this is not only a spin-off product but a leading mobile MMORPG project. terrible.


Even Black Desert Mobile He continues to prove that he is not only strong on the outside.. but also shows his value through his inner play. Indeed.. in the latest trailer, Black Desert Mobile has overwhelmed gamers with a massive amount of content and diverse activities just like PC/Console.


In addition to the crazy bloody combat and the screen-flooding skill scenes, Black Desert Mobile also owns a lot of interesting activities outside of combat. There, players do not simply buy and sell Pets like other MMORPGs, but you have to manually tame and train them. From unruly horses in nature, players will have to forge them into a disciplined steed.

Along with that, players can also take care of the garden, collect fruits or rare drugs to serve themselves on the battlefield. Of course, you can still exploit the resources available in nature, allowing you to craft rare items or use them to sell on your shop.


Black Desert Mobile even for gamers to build their own houses and plantations, set defense requirements against foreign invaders and take care of the economy how to prosper. With such a massive amount of content, it’s really not an exaggeration to say that Black Desert Mobile is no less than an authentic MMORPG on PC.


Presently Black Desert Mobile There is still no official release date but the game is expected to launch a beta sometime later this year on both Android and iOS. All information about Black Desert Mobile will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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