How to install Minecraft OptiFine to increase FPS, avoid lag when playing Minecraft

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Almost every Minecraft gamer wants to improve the game’s graphics and performance through mods. Currently, installing OptiFine to increase Minecraft FPS is definitely the most reasonable choice. It can optimize the game’s graphics, improve the visuals significantly and increase Minecraft FPS to higher.

Minecraft OptiFine is an optimization mod that allows the game to run smoother and look better. It fully supports image textures and many other configuration options. Although, installing OptiFine in Minecraft can be a bit difficult, but it is very necessary for weak configuration machines.

how to fix minecraft optifine increase fps

Tips to increase Minecraft FPS with OptiFine on PC

I. How to download and install Minecraft OptiFine to increase FPS

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Download and install Minecraft OptiFine on your PC.
Step 2: Begin the installation of Minecraft OptiFine.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Go to download link OptiFine and choose suitable version with the version of Minecraft you are playing.
Step 2: Open the folder where the OptiFine installer file is saved, click OptiFine just downloaded.

minecraft optifine guide to increase fps

Step 3: Select Java(TM) Platform SE binary => press OK.

install minecraft optifine increase fps fast

Step 4: Press the button Install Install OptiFine.

how to install minecraft optifine to increase fps in Minecraft

– After a few seconds, a successful installation dialog will appear with the words OptiFine is successfully installed => press OK, to turn off display notifications.

meow tang FPS in Minecraft with minecraft optifine

II. How to set up Minecraft OptiFine to increase FPS, avoid lag

Step 1: Open Minecraftenter the game press Esc on the keyboard => select Option.

minecraft optifine increase fps

Step 2: Click Image settings.

how to increase fps in minecraft elephant minecraft optifine

Step 3: Establish install Minecraft as shown below => press Finished.

fps in minecraft with minecraft optifine

Step 4: After completing the above steps, press F3 on the keyboard to check the specs, here you will see your FPS increase significantly from 60 – 120 FPS.

how to increase fps minecraft with minecraft oftifine
Thus, with Optifine, optimizing Minecraft’s graphics and increasing FPS has never been so easy. You can use other mods in parallel with OptiFine. If you are too familiar with the survival gameplay of Minecraft, you can switch to experience NPH Mojang’s new game called Minecraft Legend, which is a completely different action strategy game from the previous version. original.

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