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Pixel Starships – Download now the addictive spaceship management game on Mobile

Whenever it comes to spaceships, it seems that the whole world places heavy emphasis on giant battles in the vacuum, or explosions and destruction. But with developer Savy Soda, born to be a “title” management game The first spaceship to appear in the world 8bit online endless.


Pixel Starship Owning an extremely lovely shape, where gamers have full control over a spaceship, from the smallest construction stages to the giant destruction in battle. A lot of events are set up to happen at the same time in one dimension.

Preview game Pixel Starship

Not only that, gamers Pixel Starship also connect with friends around the world – an experiential ambition that seems too big for a game of this genre.

Building a spaceship

Gamers need to build a ship of their own before conquering and usurping many alien species, races and corporations. Deep in space is a resource to increase partial support for ships.

The daily job of gamers is to recruit workers, research, explore, participate in diplomatic activities – all done while keeping an eye on the condition of the ship. A feeling like experiencing a Wes Anderson movie.


Explosions not only take place in interstellar space, but gamers can explode an entire planet, hunting for secrets hidden in it.

At any time, the ship needs to be maintained in the best condition with certain requirements in terms of energy, resources, along with “terrible” weapons that need to be constantly replenished.

The endless frontier of the universe

An important task is managing the crew on board. Fortunately, gamers can program the AI ​​so that each employee performs the task on his own depending on certain situations, including the case when a fight occurs.


The special of Pixel Starships lies in direct connection with other gamers – something that is almost never encountered in management games. In this game, gamers have the right to join allies or fight against each other.

Pixel Starships Free download for items that can be purchased in the shop. However, IAP items are only decorative and do not affect game strategy much. All gamers need to do to win is a reasonable strategy and diplomacy.

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