Witness a 5-year-old girl playing a racing game like Pro

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As soon as you see the title, many readers will think of the saying “Hero is a teenager”.. However, the main character we are talking about is not even a teenager but simply a little girl. 5 years old with a dad who loves games. Yes, it is the young daughter of Yasuu – who has just posted a series of clips demonstrating her daughter’s superb racing skills.


Indeed, what you see below is an image of a 5-year-old girl cornering, speeding and hiding like a pro racing gamer in the super product. Gran Turismo Sport above Playstation 4. Please remember we are talking about Gran Turimo – one of the lines racing game The most realistic and “hardcore” in the history of the virtual world. Without the magical twists and turns like Need for Speed, Grand Turismo requires real-life driving skills to experience this masterpiece. Yet looking at our little girl steering the wheel is as easy as eating candy.


You can watch all the clips on Yasuhu’s Twitter account:​

However, when asked, the girl’s father also revealed that in fact his daughter has been interested in racing since the age of 3. At Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, the girl soon showed her amazing skills with the steering wheel in an F1 racing simulator at the exhibition to the admiration of many people.


But don’t just spend time for Gran Turismo, she is also competing on the Go-Kart track with kids twice her age. Indeed, that image makes us admire, and then gives gamers at the present time a look at a future where they will also have equally cool and playful daughters.

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