Pikachu movie human version revealed the release date

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According to previously reported news, the movie star Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds signed on to play the role Pikachu in the real-life movie version. This has made the fans show great interest in the film project Detective Pikachu (Detective Pikachu). Not to let everyone wait any longer, the producer recently officially confirmed that the film will be released in theaters in May 2019.

Deadpool as Pikachu will have a look like this…

…or like this?

Actress who acted in a movie Big Little Lies – Kathryn Newton and the actor The Get Down – Justice Smith will take on the main roles of this movie. Everyone originally thought that the producer would find a famous voice actor to voice the character Pikachuthen use the technique to create the image of uncle Pokemon This. But the filmmakers brought a big surprise when they decided to invite Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds plays the real-life version of Pikachu. In front of eyes, Detective Pikachu Still haven’t released a poster or any character creation, so fans are still extremely curious about what the golden Pokemon’s appearance in the movie will be like as a detective.

The film’s three main actors: Ryan Reynolds (left), Justice Smith (centre) and Kathryn Newton.

Movie about Pikachu The real human version will not be based on the original anime Pokemon familiar, but will adapt from the game Detective Pikachu Just released earlier this year. In the movie, the character Pikachu will be created using special effects. Detective Pikachu determined to be directed by Rob Letterman – who made the animated film Monsters vs. Aliens directing production. The script will be written by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch – the two screenwriters of the film Guardians of the Galaxy pen. About the plot, the movie Pikachu This story begins with the protagonist’s father missing, prompting him to seek help from Pikachu Sherlock Holmes version.

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